OpenMR Community and Pimax Support Forum

Dear Pimax Community

We do apologize that we have not improved communication to an acceptable level. We have had some ideas on correcting a variety of concerns. But have had difficulty allocating needed personnel & resources to implement much needed changes.

We have mentioned in the past about implementing a new forum to better serve our community. Everyone here is a valuable asset to Pimax. We do really appreciate the support & patience.

To help facilitate needed changes. We will be working on a New Forum for the Community “OpenMR”. (we believe MR is the convergence point of VR/AR in the future). This new “OpenMR” community will be organized around open discussions about all things VR/AR/MR. We have enlisted Heliosurge to assist us directly on this project.

OpenMR is mainly managed by the moderator committee. OpenMR community is open to the whole VR/AR/MR industry, not only for Pimax) Moderator committee will have a weekly web meeting with Pimax core team to discuss all the product common questions (technical\requirement\pitool\suggestion\meetup\events…). That’s meaning, the OpenMR moderator committee will be a key bridge and help us to enhance communication with the community.

Pimax Support Forum is mainly managed by the Pimax internal support team. Questions regarding Pimax individual users (e.g. RMA,shippment,orders…) will be moved to Pimax Support Forum. We have formed a support team specially deal with these questions, as the requests/tickets won’t be sink to the bottom due to heavy traffic. By doing so, we are managed to become responsive towards to the problems met by users, and it will make the team increase their work efficiency.

Last but not least, Quorra Pimax is the support team assistant that works with Heliosurge for the OpenMR Community. If you got any questions,please don’t hesitate to tag/DM/email ( , there will a technician monitoring the Quorra account.

With the Community’s support. We will continue to work hard to make the needed changes. Together we will push VR/MR forward.