Open source VR HMD

Did you guys see this?

Makes you wonder how hard it would be to make it wide FOV …


Very. The most important part of the high FOV HMD is the optics, i.e. lenses. Designing a high FOV lens is difficult.


If you could make good vr lenses for wide fov and get 2 4k high quality pictures with large pixels so that there in no room for screen door effect with high fps then you could make one.

Really hard… 115-130FOV is the best we can hope unless major cash is involved

1 - this version work with those cheap 60hz mipi board from china
2- no mention anywhere of the optical hardware needed except Fresnel lens!

3- just the LCD 2K (1K per eyes) and board from china will set you back about 100$-150$ US (including tax shipping duty fee broken LCD etc!)

only one LCD 2K

Really nice to try to do something open source but this is only for now a HackAday project… maybe in a next update

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Dream crusher! ;-)…

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Rest assured, I wasn’t going to make it wide FOV myself :wink:

But, imagine the power of the community. Suppose we have this lens engineer who believes it should be possible to create something extraordinary based on that what’s already available if he would just create some really good lenses …

Then, someone else comes around and adds affordable true SteamVR tracking (like this guy: This Is Your Solution For Open Source Motion Tracking | Hackaday ) … Then someone finds some great displays … Then someone adds a true USB3.1 hub (imagine that!), and so on …

If you’re looking for a modular headset, this is it.

You can’t crush my dreams, they are too strong!


Those thing already exist but those cost of getting those will set you back for about the price of the Star VR one. This is not only software were we can brute force something on githhub but costly hardware development. no open source project can match NVIDIA for a GPU for example.

By the time DIY have those hardware 4K LCD,controller, optic in hand for a reasonable price big Brand will have something better on one or more level. just let Pimax do another iteration…

If you want to have fun and learn VR dev it’s fine but don’t expect DIY to make something better then current products except for a demo or education purpose

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One thing interesting about this project is that they probably use this :

being a 2.9 inch 700PPI LCD If you reduce the FOV it would possible to obtain a effective resolution per degree near the G2 at a very decent refresh rate ( If this “alibaba” converter support it)

This could be a fun project :wink: or we could also spare 300$ for a real G2 :wink:
@risa2000, @jojon

it’s an interesting project, these are the lenses linked to in the source which are less interesting.

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