Open letter to Pimax

Let me start with a Thank you for existing. Sadly we are close to 2020 it seems no one will try what Pimax is trying for the consumer market. Even if you are a bit too overambitious.

Down to Business. Hopefully you guys are already in some sort of discussion phase but please come up with some sort of compensation for Controller backers and people who are angry about the Stretch goals promising free Eye tracking.

I know we arent the most lovely bunch but keep your backers happy and you would have won a PR victory that would earn sales from word of mouth for years to come. Good will is the hardest asset a company can earn.

Please do some good quality control and assurance for future headsets. If that means delaying the headset shipping, its worth it. The 1,000+ $ range is where your reputation is more important than the product. I hope you understand that. Ship only when its ready. There id no point sending a shipment only to have it RMA. It causes grief to the customer and additional cost for both sides.

Regarding PR and communication. Please continue to try to be as transparent as possible. I know its difficult especially when you will hear so much negativity it would seem like a good idea to blackout until you have good news but thats not how trust works.

End of the day people will only continue being your 2nd or 3rd customer and spread the word of mouth if they trust your word.

@PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu

Thank you for listening.


They really need to take the 8kx seriously. My opinion they should make all 8kx the ruggedized version. Then i would feel better putting down 1300.


I think that would be a good idea - or at least a very affordable option.

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The RE’s are likely +200-500, perhaps in Oct. we can get more info.

Part of this cost is the internal waterproofing AFAIK plus metal buttons and hinges. I don’t think 8KX consumer version really need any of that, only ruggerised housing, so hopefully 200 -500 of RE cost can go down to 100-250.

But I fully agree that it’s better to have ruggerised housing on 8KX than current weak plastic, whatever the enhancements.

I don’t care about the Metal buttons or whatever but I’d like the waterproofing.

It will only be a cheap Conformal coating, nothing special about water proofing.
You could buy it and do it your self.