Open Letter for our fans, communities and media


Open Letter for our fans, communities and media.

On behalf of Pimax team we would like once again to extend our thanks for your valuable support.

Recently we released a new version of Pitool (Version 269) that for some users contained a popup message that they had an outstanding unpaid balance of taxes or duties that they were required to pay to continue usage of their headset.

We feel it’s very important for you to know that there are no fees of any kind for usage of the Pimax Pitool software or any of our software required to operate your headset.

After reading feedback from our users that they are fearful that such a capability could be used for purposes other than simply resolving outstanding balances we have decided to remove the ability for Pitool’s operation to be changed remotely for all upcoming Pitool releases.

It is highly regretful to see any user distressed by this sort of thing and we apologize for this and are terribly sorry.

New versions of Pitool will merely notify users that a balance exists but cannot affect any functionality or operation.

We will follow the proper channels to resolve this issue and if you do see such a message we would ask you to contact us by creating a support ticket in our system to work together to resolve the issue.

In closing we would just like you to know we read and consider a large amount of feedback and criticism every day. It’s important we take view this information as an opportunity that we can use to improve.


Your Pimax Team