Open Discssion on Compiled 5k/8k issues

I’m wondering about zero support of Pimax for all issues. So promising.

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Remember the team is small. Yes they should have a better handle on this. However this was also the reason for community testers.

Though it was complicated with pumcy’s headset having a catastrophic failure & was not fixed for months before the testing phase ended & m2 NDA lift. That is on pimax whom should have had that fixed within a month.

The community ridiculous treatment of some of the Spanish test group is on “us”. So unfortunately the community support side is not as strong as it would have been due to failings of both the community & pimax.

But agreed pimax needs to find a way to increase support on their end with communication & man power.

With taking money for pre orders hopefully they can improve this.

Good idea.

What would be useful is a summary of all issues people had and how they solved them so when next backers get their headsets and run into issues they/we will have a reference. It would be like a constantly updated troubleshooting guide, and would save everyone’s time rather than having to read through all the threads of everyone who had an issue.

Actually some of it was fixed due to Pimax. If you looked at some of the people with the solution they had just support talk in their post history.
For instance:

So they are there. Just not all have pimax in their name.


Also remember that they asked the community if they wanted the hardware complete delivered first or to wait until the software was ready and the community said we want it now. The alternative was they ship business units first and make us wait.

That said I think they should have held off on pre-orders until assembly and software issues were corrected.


@Heliosurge is there a way to move the discussion posts to a separate thread? I think keeping this threat as a pure list of links to other threads is a great idea (like you did for the Berlin meetup).

Can try but you know folks restraint on the urge not to post. Lol

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Thank you 20 characters!

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