Oooh Pimax owners with hand tracking rejoice

Just noticed this. maybe im late to the party but.

Waiting for MSFS2020 support.

I’d love to be able to use my hand tracker along side my joystick and mouse in FS2020.
It would be nice to just dial the trim wheel, and flick the switches. Will that be possible, or will using hand tracking mean other controllers are not usable?

Some sims already have support for hand tracking.

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Ok- that’sinteresting. But can you still use your mouse and HOTAS? If not, it’s still useless for me.

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Not in MSFS2020, in DCS not sure.

Ah too bad. It would be nice to have the hand tracking for operating radios, and secondary controls, but I can’t imagine trying to handle a joystick or yoke without tactile feedback.
Well, I’ll hang on to the handtracker- maybe down the road it will be more useful.

@Finn - not perfect, but nearly
PointCTRL – Virtual Reality Control Device

honestly im shocked nobody thought to add leap motion support to this. Its open source I would do it myself and want to but I currently have no time.

What would be cool is if Pimax could develop their own handtracking generic overlay. like this

this way we could use our hands to interact with virtual switches and buttons in any STEAMVR application.