Only one eye streaming

hey all so when streaming to discord it only stream one eye so who ever is watching only see half what i see its not all games but a lot anyone know away around this ( the walking dead vr s&s) is my latest game

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Not sure but you may need to enable both eyes in the SteamVR desktop mirror setting. (Don’t stream so can’t say for sure)

didnt knwo you could do that ill test and get back to you

this is from the game its self as u can see its only one eye and the 2nd pic is what u said to try .ps what is the red lens whing showing up

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Not sure @NextGenVR & @Ludiks might have some ideas streaming play.

Don’t have this game so I am not sure.
Can you stream the game itself or only steamvr mirror? if only steam try differents settings in the mirror window

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the 1st pic is the game its self and the 2nd is the mirror with both eyes

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any clue what the red outline is ? i see it when playing as well

Not sure. Smart Smoothing and ffr can cause artifacts

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