One of the 300 supposedly not communicated with

So this will be a little bit of a rant. I’m getting frustrated at the lack of meaningful movement resulting in the correction of whatever communication issue I supposedly am in need of - in accordance with the latest spreadsheet.

I’m an 8K backer (#2458) and I HAVE been in contact with the Pimax people (have a few emails that at least I count as communication) and DID fill out the multiple surveys - heck, I even forwarded a variety of screenshots showing that I completed them. WHAT else do I need to do? I’m STILL shown as one of those 300ish that still needs to be “communicated” with. You guys already have my contact email (we exchanged emails in Jan and Feb 2019) and my multiple survey responses have my current and approved address to ship to. I think I should be shifted to the build sheet by now.

I’m no stranger to waiting, hell I’m still waiting for something that I helped Kickstart back in 2012, and have been in on over 100 Kickstarter and Indigogo projects combined… so I’m not new to hitches or glitches with getting projects out the door. But… this experience with selective communication with this company (seems not a lot of communication between people in Pimax, or proper tracking of communication) is coming off as a pretty poor experience.

I belong to two hackerspaces and have been waiting to show off your product at one of our events but you’re making it impossible with nothing to show and only my verbals on how this saga has dragged on. Continuing to not fulfill orders from backers who want to see you successful is only hurting you.

Hope to hear back on exactly why my 8K hasn’t shipped - and it better not be due to a survey not being filled out. More like you have chosen not to communicate and pushed it onto the individual backer to figure out why. But, after looking through the forum, I feel more than a little worried after seeing quite a few requests for money back…