One more upgrade plan needed please

@PimaxUSA @SweViver @Matthew.Xu
Please consider this as I simply cannot be the only person who thinks this sceanrio is missing.
Because the upgrade programs that exist now, does not enable me to use my $100 Downgrade Store Credit, like described below.

A little explanation to why I think this option is missing.

Im an original 8K backer who accepted the 5K+ downgrade for $100 Store Credit (not a coupon)
I did not back anything else at the time of the kickstarter.
approx. 150days ago I made a preorder for controllers and basestations @350 paid for this including shipping.(allready requested a refund for this but have not heard anything back) @Matthew.Xu
I love my 5K+ and for sure want to keep it after I have sent it in for RMA, and have my stretch goals delivered.
But I want to “upgrade to a 8KX as well”

So here’s what I think is missing from the upgrade plans.

Upgrade plan 42 :slight_smile: 8KX MSRP $1299
For people who originally backed the 8K
But accepted the downgrade to 5K+ $100 deduction in price
Backer discount as presented to Current Owners $200 deduction in price
Added option to choose Deluxe Audio Strap
Keep All Your Stretch Goals

Sum of 8KX upgrade $999

Ohh yeah nearly forgot…
A german warehouse has been mentioned by Pimax for RMA (EU service centre) ?
When will this come into place ? Will it be used for destribution as well ?

Please everyone, do not hijack this thread for flaming as this could take away the focus of what I asked.


I recommend you create a ticket with the situation and PM me the ticket number. The thing is there are a large number of scenarios not covered by the 7 options and we are still refining those. We can take care of you but the ticket method is the best way at the moment.


Thank you Kevin for replying, I will create a ticket later and PM you.

Hi Kevin ticket created a few Deays ago, and PM sent to you as requested. Have you seen it :slightly_smiling_face:?

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