On the fence about backing (need through lens footage.)

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Can you guys provide some video of how the 8k looks through the lens? I really want to back the HMD but it would help if I could actually see what it looks like through the lens.

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This needs to happen before the Kickstarter campaign conclusion.

If not, there would be no rational excuse whatsoever.

Pimax are probably still working on the FOV issue and would like to show the best results possible.

If they shoot video in the center it should be fine.

It would be good to do this with a comparison shot with other VR HMDs. (i.e. Vive, Occulus, Pimax 4k)

I dont want to ask for too much. I own a rift already, I would like to see a through lens on something like bigscreen, or dirt rally

This was on their FB page

Im buying this to try on dirt rally

Its going to be hard to beat the 4k 60hz 40" monitor im using…

I agree, I’m in the same boat. A lot will be riding on whatever reviews come out next month and the reliability of those sources, but video of the lenses in action would go a long way.

I saw that one. I just need a raw video of something like bigscreen. A no frills honest video. Its not like it would do any harm to their campaign. @anon23564932