OMG Steam finally adds a recenter button

I just found out today, but Steam released this on my birthday! (I swear the world revolves around me this year, First Halo 3, then i get my eyetracking and now this)

On a serious note how the hell did they go this long without this feature, I cant tell you how annoying it was not being able to do such a simple thing that all of the oculus headaets could do from day one.

Now if they could juat fix that jank where you get kicked back to the steam VR grid whenever the game loads.


anyone try it with their pimax yet? I’m away from home atm and can’t try it.

this is excellent news, thanks!

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I tried it with steam vr beta and 5k+, it works really well
I was waiting for the release of the non beta version

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Its possible to click it by mouse? As a simmer I dont like to have turned on steam vr controllers.

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