Old smaller face gasket

Is it possible to buy the old style smaller face gasket that doesn’t go up to the higher forehead area. After testing both back to back I much prefer the one on my 5k+ to the new “comfort” style 8KX as I actually find the old one to be more comfortable. Is it possible to swap this out for one of the older style face gaskets and can they be ordered somewhere?


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That is the comfort gasket, I don’t like that one I want the original gasket.


I think we have one pcs left in stock. I will check tomorrow and get back to you.

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You may refer to this link.

There should be few stock left in the inventory.

But if you want to replace it, please make sure you have remove the comfort kit from the headset.

I have the face foam, I am looking for the actual smaller plastic gasket that you attach the foam to.

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Sorry for not responding earlier. We do have one original gasket left in stock. You can contact us on kontakt@povvr.se

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