OLD 8k (HDMI+PowerSupply) cable replacement

I have an OLD 8k Pimax (with HDMI + PowerSupply). Where i can find cable replacement for it?
There lot of “snow” and HMD crash sometimes (not PC, just HMD)

I cant find this type of cable anywhere. Can u help me?


There you go!

but its same cable as stock one… its a work 1 year max and start snow again…
is there fixed version of this cable? maybe shorter or or thicker? (i really no need 5m)

looks like its not HDMI cable. its Display Port.

Power adapter supply
Compatible with old Pimax model 5K Plus/XR and 8K
The included 2 in 1 cable combines the **Display Port**
Available for the powered supply model

Oh, I didn’t even know there was an HDMI model back in the day. Hopefully they have some stock still about for you, otherwise might need to hunt on ebay. I’d reach out sales support on pimax.com via chat in the bottom right corner, probably the fastest option.

when i mean OLD 8k i mean REALLY OLD :slight_smile: 5+ years ago. Its very first 8k prototype.

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Ha, that’s awesome. Hope you find a replacement cable, great to hear it is still getting some love!

HMD still works ok. (only problems because of cable). after 1.5 years of using “snow” effect appears. But its snow more and more over time. And now HMD just crash every 5-10 mins :frowning: I can reload HMD using Pitool and keep gaming, but its annoying…