Okay I think we’re hyped enough. No more torture. ಠ_ಠ

Just thought I’d put that out there. We’re good and marinated in excitement like a sweaty pile of glazed ham at the Christmas room dining table. Set the tracking numbers free!


How about the Australian guy(s), should have it by now maybe no?
Not the number, but the HMD itself ^^

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For some reason he doesn’t log into the forum anymore. It’s like he isn’t part of our reality anymore


I think only 3,000 backers can get headset before christmas.

Other will be delay by number of manufacturing and shipping process around 1 month.

BACKER 1290 IN THE HOuse please send me my pimax :frowning:

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I am backer 353, still not get any email. Not only manufacturing is slow, I think the survey is slow too although I am waiting to see some update about 5k+ colour and 8k sharpness. No any video or image about that after the software is updated and test by 2080ti.

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I don’t even understand the logic behind asking people which headset they want only before they ship. Wouldn’t it be better to ask everyone at once so they know which headset to prioritize and make more of?


Maybe it’s to give them more time to make up their minds? But yeah, what you said makes sense.

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Chill out, live your lifes to it’s full extent now while you can, because once Pimax arrives to your door… you’ll surely embrace the hikikomori lifestyle for a while.


Looks like their emails are up to at least backer #170 today. On the 2080ti + Pimax reviews SweViver is supposed to get his on or around Oct 19th. I would add there is a “shipping spreadsheet” on the pimax reddit that has the shipping information. I highly suggest people fill that out.

It will let us know who got emails, shipped and received that way if they skip you for some reason then you will know immediately.

The reason is they want us to make the decision in the last time after watching all review or some update.

If you go by there own production time line they would have assembled over 1000 units by the end of this month so you would think they should have emailed over a 1000 backers by now so they know which headset to assemble.

Don’t think it will play out that quickly but once those lines are up it will put a sky rocket up HTC. They had no problem producing the 4K

It will not be a linear scale at this time as they are working stuff out so the only people that will know the delivery schedule is Pimax, you can’t work it out yet, more of a logarithmic scale.

Log scale ramps up, e.g.


Will likely be the first graph but what were seeing now is the delay from their chosen shipping method. It’s the classic Chinese way to go with the dirtiest cheapest option (EMS shipping)

All that I care about is that I get my Pimax before the other people in the Onward discord.


Considering the fact that they’re not passing on duty/sales tax on to us, not so cheap for them.