Ok a little confused on purpose of PE

OK folks, I jsut wanted to clarify. Eventualy, the PE will set stuff for us automagicaly.

I played around with it a little bit last night, ended up with a headache trying to adjust my IPD and stuff.
Will there be something, that will set this up for us? Will I need the eye tracking to do so.?

I could never get a good image on my 5k+. It was always stuttering when turning my head, as well as a fairly shimmery image. If I tried to adjust it clearer, it would cause more stuttering with frame rate issues.

I have a pretty powerful system I think. i9900,RTX2080Ti,32GB RAM.Win 10 Pro.
I was/am confused even after reading all these posts how to setup with PE or PiTool or Steam VR…I don’t exactly know how to correlate them. Yes, i have read the threads discussing this.

I just want to put on my 8KX, start P3D v5 or DCS…and enjoy the great experience playing these sims…as many of you have already experienced.

Right now I’m not there as of yet. Hopefully PE will help resolve a lot of my confusion and setup.
If these are not implemented yet, I can wait till they to get implemented.

I don’t know if I’m supposed to go into SteamVR and do stuff…or does PE take care of this for me.

I’ve read so many things from you very talented folks…my heads about to explode, trying to understand everything.

perhaps, Sweviver video will cover everything I just asked. I just want to have some fun like the rest of you folks.

Hmm, OK guess it’s just me. I’ll wait for Swevivers video, hopefully that will answer some of my questions.