Oh no, cracks have appeared on my Quest too

Lol, this marks the second HMD i own out of 4 that have developed cracks through normal usage.

At least oculus has an extended warranty.

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Follow up

Oculus has sent me a new one, and I’m not required to return my current one.

In case anyone is wondering what the point of this thread was on a Pimax Forum.


The moral of the story here is “Oculus done F’ked Up” on that design. They admitted it. Extended the warranty when they realized it was an issue by an additional year.

I bought from amazon from their store, so a third party seller. Didn’t matter.

And they replace it free of charge.

I’m still sitting here looking at my cracked 5K+ :frowning:

Youre scaring me. I let my two 9 year olds use my 8kx. Had it for only 10 months…no cracks yet but…

8KX is a fair bit tougher than the 5k+. Although if I were to let kids use it I would definitely consider one of those silicone sleeves