Odyssey+ vs. Pimax Comparisons...Coming Up At MRTV

Dear all,

just to let you know, the Samsung Odyssey+ has arrived at the MRTV headquarters. What does that mean? Of course, an in-depth review and interesting comparisons with the Pimax headsets.

This is how the box looks like: BREAKING: Samsung Odyssey+ Has Arrived At MRTV Headquarters! - YouTube :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions or anything I should check out for you!

Bye, Sebastian


SDE, colors, clarity

I’d be interested if you would include the original Odyssey in that comparison as well. Thanks


Is there an increased FOV? If not, not interested.

tracking. i just received my odyssey plus, and my hmd losing tracking completely when i get within a foot of 2 of my walls. it doesn’t snap back instantaneously either, even with my controllers in front of me.
what the others have said, +moire? aliasing? distortion? (i noticed an ever so slight warping on the edges, at least in the cliffhouse.)


No, just the same boring shit


It’s the same as the original Odyssey which is at least more than the rift. It’s certainly less jarring to go from the pimax to the odyssey in terms of FOV loss than it is for me to go from the pimax to the rift.


this would be very interesting, there is alreayd a comparions througth the lense of the odyssey+ online though.

a full stand alone review mixed in with it would be good.

technically this may be the 2nd best headset on the market, given the anti-SDE and being the latest model.


Yes but do the screens make up for it? Are there certain games you would use for the Odyssey over the Pimax?

Please try out your VR Cover for the Original Odyssey

The pimax still wins against the original odyssey. I’m interested to try out the Odyssey + whenever I get it and see how that compares. I ordered it last week but it still hasn’t shipped yet.

I will say, pimax really needs to come out with the upgraded strap soon. I will still use the rift and odyssey for some action games just because the pimax is really uncomfortable for me on those games.

After reading the odyssey reviews I can understand why Pimax has not released the strap yet. If they go and ship somthing like the odyssey it will ruin the product

I can settle this right now! If you have the Pimax 4K you wont be happy with the Odyssey+. I returned my Ody + and will be sticking with my Pimax 4K until a the Pimax 8K or 5K+ comes my way.


What do you use for tracking and controllers?


i just can’t believe that they released a second version of this headset and didn’t change the number one thing people complained about: the comfort and adjust-ability. the display cant be tilted at all, the only way to have the screen close to your face is to place it in a way that gets urgently uncomfortable after an hour or so. if you dont do that, the display sticks out a couple of inches off of your face, further than the rift letting in tons of light, and the sweet spot looks tiny. i’m sending mine back. it’s janky af. maybe sim enthusiasts and seated gamers will appreciate it

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I think 9/10 people in the States have sent them back. How do they make any money haha


Why? (204773828384738382)

I got one and returned it 3 days later. The SDE was greatly reduced but at the expense of losing definition. The “user perceived resolution” claim is just BS in my opinion. The Oculus Go still looks as higher resolution to me. The Odyssey+ is a bit more comfortable than the previous version but it is still really bad in that sense.


Hmm sounds like I should cancel my preorder for the Odyssey+, everybody seems to hate it.

EDIT just went ahead and cancelled it …