Oculus titles with PiTool 109

I tried running different Oculus titles with no luck - they crash about 5 - 10 seconds after starting.
I disabled Brainwarp, set the PiTool SS at 1 but it didn’t help. Any ideas?


I know some titles need to use the Low FOV setting. You might give that a try.


Have you tried launching the games from PiTool vs launching the games from Oculus Home? (Oculus Home should be open in either case)

As neal said, you should try minimum settings (ie PiTool slider at minimum, low FOV, etc). Try the games with and without “parallel projections” turned on.

you can try 111 beta version, some oc game crash bug was fixed.

i use google translator.
about oculus games, I went from 90 fps constant pitool v95 to 30 fps pitool v111, huge performance drop

Yep, the problem was the large FOV setting. Thanks!
It works with normal FOV, also worked with 1.25 SS in PiTool.