Oculus Rift Controlers work with the Pimax 5K+?

Do the Rift hand Controllers work with the Pimax 5K +?

The Rift uses a different tracking system (“Constellation”) than the Pimax (SteamVR like the Vive uses).

You can use Vive Wands or Valve Index (“Knuckles”) controllers.

Really, really hate the Vive controlers, I’ll look at the Index ones

Thanks John


Yeah. A lot of people feel that way. Guess it’s after trying the Oculus controllers… :wink:

Remember You need lighthouses/basestations as they’re the ones that emit the tracking laser that controllers and headset uses. The just need power and no USB connections and they’re sold in a bundle with the Index controllers:

EDIT: Guess I was wrong about the bundles. There’s no controller + basestation bundle.

Pimax also has a bundle with controllers and basestations but noone knows when it’ll be released:

LOL, A New HTC Vive Virtual Reality System is $499.00. Price for two base stations and two wands is $542.44

wands $136.23 each
Base conreolers $134.99 each

LOL, Thanks for the help.I Love the rift controllers and my Rift, but looking to get the 5K+ due to FOV. I may hold off and wait to see whats coming to market soon.


Yeah the prices are crazy… :crazy_face:

Way beyond crazy IMHO!!