Oculus Reveals 140 Degree VR Headset with Varifocal Displays

CV2 on the horizon.


And Varifocal Displays, important!


If the Pimax doesn’t hurry the fuck up with finishing them for good and shipping them already they will be dust and sand pretty soon… . Also lets not forget of the date 22 of this month where google and lg shows their new vr display tech or hopefully their steam vr headset.


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Vrfun though does have a valid point. See below.

But yeah the pressure pimax introduced is starting to be reflected. But still important to take thr time to ensure a quality release.

Bingo. Pimax 8k just got made redundant

Refined lenses, 140 FOV, Varifocal displays. Same light weight housing. CV2 material right there. Definatly worth $800 USD

Checkout Vrfun’s comments. Maybe not. Similar potential issues with the bionic display idea. Too many moving parts that can fail or cause othet unforeseen effects.

Dropping or banging the headset could put mechanical componets out of wack in time. If these componets go out of sync could create a bad experience to say tge least.

Even look at htc with the off brightness between panels.

With oculus if this is going to be there cv2; would reccommend waiting at least a year to see how it holds up to use & abuse.


My answer to his post:

I don’t see anything complex here and I don’t think Oculus is going to ship a product that is not 99% reliable. Either it works or they will move to something else.

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[quote=“Davobkk, post:5, topic:5972, full:true”]Bingo. Pimax 8k just got made redundant

Refined lenses, 140 FOV, Varifocal displays. Same light weight housing. CV2 material right there. Definatly worth $800 USD[/quote]
I’m not sure I agree that the 8K is made redundant by this announcement. There’s no mention of screen res. Without increasing the res, the SDE will be worse than the Rift. There’s a big difference between 140 and 200 degrees.

Where did you see a price? With the complicated varifocal mechanism, I think it would be hard for Oculus to hit $800. Plus this is a tech demo; how soon would actual headsets be available?

It is good news for VR as a whole, to have more wide FOV headsets out there.


Yeah but is it that fragile? These engineers aren’t stupid and Im sure they made longevity a main priority. The video shows the mechanism which looks pretty well refined. Everyone said the same thing about the valve lighthouses and their still going strong

I hadn’t considered fragility, but that’s a good point. You don’t want it to break, after a few accidental falls to the floor. It sounds like the main focus was to make it quiet.

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While this may eventually make pimax redundant, I don’t think it’s coming anytime soon. Most likely 2 years minimum before it’s out in stores given Oculus’s track record of when they announce prototypes to when they’re actually available. If Pimax gets the 8k out soon, and it doesn’t have any major issues, it could have no competition in the high end for quite a while.


V1 lighthouses are known to have a variety of failures. Which is why v2 lighthouses are simplified compared to v1.

Less mechanical parts are better for longevity. Unless of course you plan on buying a new headset every couple of years.

Why I said would wait a year min to see how well it lasts with use & abuse.

@neal_white_iii i did but more importantly vrfun in comments made the valid point. More things to fail.

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Absolutely, Pimax stop trying to make a decent headset and rush through whatever you can in whatever state its in right now. Forget the new lenses, just cut the bottom of jam jars off and we’ll cope…or we can stick gearvr lenses in ourselves…np! Don’t worry about testers…you have to get them out there now!!!



Sure delay more till 2020, no problem we can wait.

1-Those prototypes a far from being commercialized, for the moment it’s only a marketing move… no worries pimax have about up to this chrismas to enter the market with the 8k.

2- even if release next month with what Gpu would we drive those next generation headsets? 4K gaming is not affordable 2.5k VR neither

3- in 2 year the pimax 8k will be last Gen tech, this was written in the sky. If they rush their product we will only ditch it sooner.


i like that there is a never ending struggle on the forum between ’ hurry up and release’ and ’ change this this this and this, fix this is unacceptable’.

For me the pimax still sits perfectly into the slot that will take me from 2018 to 2020. Thats all i am looking for from it just as i bought vive to take me from 2016 to now.


That is great for you, patience is a virtue, you seem to have a plan that allows for significant delay without irritation. Not everyone is like that though. I dont mind waiting to a point. If I find out it will be closer to 2019 im out. Ill sell my spot and wait for the new Oculus, and buy the new vive to hold me over.


We are not their yet, that a close look at the next few weeks, if Pimax don’t progress enough before the end of this month I will revise my position. For now I’m waiting my 8K in the next 3 months ( production included)

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Careful, you might just get that. be careful what you ask for.
I don’t understand why you all are complaining. You gave Pimax Permission to take as long as they like with all your comments about not wanting a sub-par device. So now that they are doing exactly that you are complaining about how long it’s taking. I’m happy to wait knowing that when it finally does arrive it will beat anything out there because they were extra careful to get it right.

i will surely do the same as you.
Never really trusted Pimax (tons of delays and lies to come IMO)
Had a 4k for a day and sent it back straight away.Then i backed the 5k(less risks than 8 ) only because it would be cool to get it before others and price was a no brainer.
But yeah Pimax never really got me 100 per cent and if Oculus put that thing on the market i ll probably sell the 5k as soon as i get it or even sell the pledge