Oculus content crashes immediately on Windows 7

I have more luck running my Oculus content through Revive than through PiTool, but it still all eventually crashes. My PC is no slouch - I built a $6K kaby-lake era powerhouse that I specifically chose a 64-bit Windows 7 (with a dual boot of Kubuntu, I specifically didn’t want to use Win10) to run on, and I regularly used both Steam and Oculus content via Oculus Home and SteamVR on it with absolutely no issues (I have both tracking systems installed at once). I have the latest Nvidia drivers as suggested, and Pimax says PiTool supports Win 7, so I expected to be able to waltz right in and get all my Oculus content with a nice ~200 FOV and ~1440p per eye resolution.

:fearful: Can anyone. HELP? PLEASE??? I got a 5K at full pre-order price (899), have a deposit on Pimax base stations and controllers that I don’t even have yet (300) , I ran out and got an OG Vive with 1.0 base stations and controllers (500) after it got here just to be able to use this thing, do I really have to re-purchase all my Oculus content on Steam just to use this behemoth?

Patience is a virtue. If your using an AV like norton may have blocked part of pimax install.

Reboot offline & disable AV. Reinstall pitool.

Enable AV & enable internet. Reboot & launching Oculus games from pitool should work.

I can understand aprehension with switching to W10 for a variety of reasons. Myself I run Linux for important stuff and for now Windows for gaming/vr stuff.

The Oculus message you get is something like “Oculus Service not running?”

Also list games as folks can help easier.

Windows 7 support stops in 2020, so there is really no reason not to use Win10. There are some really great features built into Windows 10, yes there is a learning curve, but so was there for windows 7…

Oculus has dropped all support for windows 7…

My recommendation is to upgrade to Windows 10…


Hi. I don’t use an AV and I never have. I barely use the firewall built into windows.
I started off with a Rift so I had Oculus Home installed first then, SteamVR shortly after.
Should I uninstall PiTool and install that first or something? As I said everything runs for a very short amount of time and everything crashes. Through Revive I am able to get stuff to run for a bit longer.
I’ll post some crash logs and maybe that will provide a clue

To the other guy, I’m not going to WIn10 and it’s not the learning curve. I’m learning Kubuntu right now.
My oculus content ran before WIn7 support was dropped and it all continues to run, even new stuff.
So if PiTool still says it supports WIn7, It’s an issue with their tool they need to fix, not my OS. Right?
I’m going to try to get support from the Revive team also, maybe they can help since Revive is more stable than PiTool ATM.

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It really depends. The version of Oculus home installed now was it running with Oculus headset on Win7?

I used to run Ubuntu variants. ZorinOS was nice & good for folks coming from Windows & has a nice look changer.

At present moved over to Manjaro (Arch based but made to be easier than Arch).

Back to Window 7 & possible issues. Crash log will help. But we do know W10 with Oculus is running on pitool. If you don’t mind me asking if your delving into Linux why don’t you want to upgrade to W10? One nicety is if needed it is actually fairly quick to reinstall. If your only running Windows for Gaming like I am. I would reccommend it as drivers are likely starting to be a problem for proper w7 support.

The other problem of course is stuck on DX10 or is it 11?

Create a support account & File a support ticket & post supen here.

@Doman.Chen is one of the Tech support team.

Are you running latest Nvidia Driver? If not you might need to run an earlier version of pitool if you can’t run latest Nvidia driver. As Nvidia changed some functions that removes earlier method pimax used for connecting to headset.

Okay just looked & see latest Nvidia driver does have binaries for win7. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

I know Oculus’s ASW doesn’t work in Windows 7. I wonder if there is a relationship there with Oculus games and how Brainwarp functions.

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