Occasional Gray Outs in the headset

Recently I started to notice an occasional gray/white out flash where the image in the headset just disappears for a split second and a gray/white screen flashes and then the images comes back

Does anyone know what this could be due to?
This hasnt happened before and I’ve had the headset over 4 months now.

Tracking issues, probably related to the USB connection (cable, noise, some other device interference).

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Im thinking the same thing. I had this issue with previous headsets and it was due to the sensors and some interference

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I have this on occasion as well. It goes for hours without issue, then at a different time I get the gray screen for several seconds. Connected to a direct 3.1 USB port using PiTool v129.

Domen said to update pitool to 129 which i just did. Lets see if it helps

I’ve got a motion rig, and when it’s on if I touch the sides to adjust the comfort I get blackouts, when it’s of it’s fine so I put it down to emi interference which is comman with vive sensors

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I just added the Fanatec DD2 and I Have a feeling it’s because of the EMI. Because ever since I added it, I’ve had small issues with the image jumping in the headset, and the slight white-outs.

The only other time I had this happen was when I was wearing my Apple Watch.

EMI eh? hmmm… I wonder if headphones could cause this, especially with the proximity of the built in mike. At times I have game sounds come though the speakers and at other times through the headphones. The times I have had gray outs may have been when wearing the headphones.

When i use my steel series pro wireless it isnt an issue. When i use JBL ELITE 65t earbuds i get some interference. But lately it could be because of my steering wheel. I use my pimax while i race only and the main change that happened was me adding the Fanatec DD2 wheel base so i may need to run a grounding wire

Do you see any sparkling or other video artifacts? I saw occasional flashes, along with sparkles, due to a defective cable. A few weeks ago I got my replacement cable and everything has been great since then.

I had this with v129 as well on 5k plus

Nothing except a white-out flash

Sounds to me like a tracking issue.

Did You move Your lighthouse(s) recently? Added any reflective surfaces?

I moved them a month ago, this issue started a week ago.
Nothing new in the area, so it’s definitely some kind of EMI or bluetooth interference i think

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What sort of “motion rig” are you referring to?

AFAIK there are sensors on the front and each side of the headset. When you touch the sides to adjust the headset you are covering the sensors on both sides and tracking with only the front sensors. That makes it much easier to lose tracking if there is any sort of obstruction or viewing angle issues.

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I have six-100 motion sim rig, I have 2 vive lighthouses, everything is fine until I activate the actuators then touching the headset causes a gray screen, it only happens when the motion is on

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I think touching your headset is what’s causing the gray-out, not the motion

I was thinking of adding the SFX-100 myself. How does it work with the Pimax 5k+ for you? Or are the gray-outs a big problem?

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Are you using motion cancelling?

I can touch the headset sides and have no problem with any game , however if once the sfx100 is on I’ll get gray screen if I touch the headset, it’s fine as long as I get the headset comfy before racing,

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Then that’s a big issue. I always move myt headset a bit while racing.

Is this in every sim?

Also, have you tried OpenVR Composite Emulator? Thats the motion cancellation I’ve heard about.

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