NVM 9700K price drop on Amazon (US)

tl;dr: 9700K can be backordered at Amazon (in US, not sure about other regions) for $385.

I ordered a 9700K two weeks ago and it still hasn’t shipped. I payed $409 plus tax. I went to check out my order today and noticed that the price had dropped to $385 (for comparison, US Newegg lists it at $621). I contacted their customer support and ended up placing a new order, cancelling the old order, and the agent gave me a free upgrade to 1-day shipping. If you placed an order at Amazon for a 9700K, contact their support and save $24!

Edit: sorry, this should’ve been in the General Category (not 8K). @Heliosurge can you move this? Thanks!

Edit 2: Price is back up to $409. Point is now moot.


Already done. I think as the op you can edit the title.

That’s an awesome deal.

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Oh cool! #TheMoreYouKnow


Temporarily out of stock O_o