NVLink RTX2080 Ti with Pimax 5k+

Does anyone know if NVLink would benefit the Pimax 5k+ in racing sims like iRacing or Assetto Corsa?

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I think you mean VirtualLink? If so, then the answer is no since these models don’t have a VirtualLink connector. If you mean the replacement to SLI, then that depends on whether the game has coded in multi-GPU support.

I meant NVLink (SLI)…
If I add a 2nd RTX 2080 TI FE would it help me push the graphics more? That’s the question

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it won’t push performance in VR.
For the 2080 series it turned out that NVLINK is basically still SLI. Probably with future series NVLINK will actually benefit VR when using more bandwith since not all “contacts” are beeing physically used by now. Just in case Voodoode (nice german VR-Youtuber) tested already running NVLINK with 2x 2080ti. There was close to none performance boost in any games he tested.

it’s in German but the numbers are conclusive enough, he tested asetto as well

Der NVLink / SLI Virtual Reality Benchmark! - RTX 2080 Ti vs. 2x RTX 2080 Ti [German] - YouTube

I was trying to find an english version of VoodooDE’s video but he didnt make one

Thank you for letting me know

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IThat’s not all true - it’s like complaining that a Lamborghini or Ferrari is doing poor for crawling a trail in the mountains-

it is unfortunately a simple thing as posted before - as a rule of thumb, no native SLI or Crossfire support in the game - no gain.
If a game supports VRWorks and SLI I guess we would benefit- I think only serious Sam series and NVIDIA VR Fun House benefit as far as I know. This can be accomplished e.g. by adding the vrworks library’s and SLI libraries into a project in unity or coding it in yourself if not in the engines.

Strange Brigade is not VR but a good example of the positive effects.

Sorry I am looking for an up to date link - just can’t see it atm

Hmm seems subsumed in VRWorks - I remember a guide I followed while trying a little with unity… well this is a good starting point anyway

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