Nvidia stereo3D 3D Vision in desktop mode possible?

AFAIK nvidia still does supports 3D vision per native stereoscopic 3D on supporting televisions and I know for sure one can still sideload 3D vision in current drivers and activate on basically every monitor with refresh rates above 100Hz (even goes down to 75 but the picture is unstable).

So, now that we have desktop mode… wouldn’t it a marvelous idea if PE could make the headset appear as either native 3D TV (limited to 1080p@24/720p@60, or even better a generic 114Hz display (upscale mode) and accept a stereoscopic input? Not “VR” exactly but it would support each and every cockpit view/sitting experience enhanced with tracking! I don’t see a problem with IP infringement as no 3rd party IP would need to be hacked, all required was to emulate a native HFR screen to the system to output the signal to.

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3d vision is dead and no longer supported.
The functions are removed from the new drivers.

It’s a pitty, the strongest point about 3d vision is it’s fan community that kept 3d vision alive even long after Nvidia abandoned it, but new gpus are out of luck making the 2080ti the best gpu to run older drivers for 3d vision.

A real pity, 3d vision had the best non official community that turns flat games to G3D almost perfect for a massive library of games, I had high hopes when I got rtx 3080 but gutted as Nvidia wanted nothing but kill the community dead.

For now there is only reshade 3d (z3d) or vorpx which in many ways isn’t as quite as impressive. (I played octopath traveller in real 3d when I had the 1080ti, and now vs the vorpx z3d, it’s not the same)

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I need to admit I am still running a 1080Ti - and will until a 3080 with 20GB VRAM will see light of day. But I do so with the latest drivers always and last time itried I could install the separate 3D vision drivers with no problem and run it. Unfortunately I did let go on the last 3d monitor I had but I am confident if the PE Desktop would appear as a 100+ Hz display to the game it still could work. Will check to see if I can get get hold of that monitor which is with a friend since then.
For anyone interested, 419(.35) Still has the NV3DVision and USB driver included, which install IIRC without poroblems on top of later GPU drivers. You would need a 3D Vision Transmitter, glasses though unless you have a 3DTV Play compatible TV set - (or some basic bit magic ;))

Hate to burst your bubble but 3d vision is dead.(officially)

And yet it lives.(unofficially)

its actually based on 3d Fix manager but adapted to VR instead of TV’s

Basically they reinsert the 3dvision part back into the recent driver.

Unfortunately nvidia removed all traces of the 3dvision driver from all drivers since the 3000 series came out.

So if you want to use 3d vision you can’t have a 3000 series card. I have a 2080Ti so as long as I install an older driver I can use it just fine.

I was playing sonic lost world about a month ago in 3d vision


Hey, that’s COOL news! Will definitely try while the holiday break. Again, I don’t have a 3000 series (yet) but archived the latest NV3d Driver from 419.35 - which installed perfectly over later drivers as a separate tool for me.

Mind, the nvision driver originally was just a rebrand of Metabyte’s Wicked 3D driver and stayed largely untouched after nvidia’s acquisition of Metabyte. So, I have no reason to doubt it may even work on the current driver set and as this is compliant with RTX 3000 I don’t see reason it should be broken.

[EDIT] Oh. My. God! My old MTBS credentials frim over 10 years ago still work, and there are still the same guys leutering around :smiley: remember - that was the platform Palmer Luckey first discussed his ideas with us!

[Edit2] Ok, had time to dig in a bit tonight, Helix is pretty clear about that:

Bought it regardless, this effort deserves my whole support…


Glad I could point you in that direction.

They are definetly keeping 3d vision alive.

I like the program enough that I will be doing a dual boot to run Tridef and HelixVision (apparently windows changed something that broke it after 1809)

You can use Helixvision with older drivers so a dual boot makes sense.

Tridef died a few years ago but you can still find crqcked versions of it.

This is my worry with Vorpx. Ralf is the only one working on it and it basically has a dead-man’s switch on it.

If Vorpx disappears then theres no way to even run it.

I wish the Tridef guys opensourced their work when they knew it was over.