Nvidia Rtx 4090 Vr benchmarks

Who ordered one :slight_smile: ?

I will receive mine in 3 days :slight_smile:

If someone want to know some benchmarks, aks me :slight_smile:

I got the g2, varjo aero, pimax xr oled, vive pro 1 with lense mod and wireless mod at home , and ofcource the quest 2


Do you have Automobilista 2? I like to see what the frame rate is driving in rain in 4K.

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Sweet! I will hold off for a bit


And results?

i hope it can render hl alyx with the Pimax 12k at native resolution max fov @ 90 hz with 90 fps without dips ( dynamic resolution off ofcourse via ini edit )

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no , no racing games unfortunately .

already got mine works nice with the 8kx no issues,Red dead redemption 2 in VR on a pimax 8kx with an rtx 4090 - YouTube here is rdr2 i get over 90fps now before on a 3080 i had like 50 :joy:,feels soo much better now.

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how much i will have to increase steamvr res of the 8kx to simulate that resolution

Did you get your 4090 to work with your 8kx? If so, what version of pitool, firmware, and what 8kx do you have 2000 or 2001?

worked very well on 8KX. Pitool277&299firmware

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