NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 or RTX 3090? Which one you will choose for Pimax 8K X?

I do have Pimax 8K X VR Headset and currently, I am using it with RTX 3080 but sometimes I feel the 10 GB VRAM of RTX 3080 is not enough for this VR device especially while watching the high-resolution content so I thought to upgrade to RTX 3090 but then I got another thought how Quadro RTX 6000 will work as compare to RTX 3090 because both have 24 GB VRAM. I mostly use my PC for VR only. And the deal is I have an offer from one of the VFX artists who want to sell his Quadro RTX 6000 which still has 3 months warranty left and it is in less price as compare to RTX 3090. Fortunately, I am able to get my hand on both GPU, RTX 3090 new is costing $2200 but imported so no warranty on it and If I take within my country included warranty then it varies in between $2600 - $3000 and this Quadro RTX 6000 which I could get in between $1700 to $1900. Could anyone please suggest which one is good for this Pimax 8K X?

For gaming, the 3090 or you find a cheap RTX Titan ( faster as an 2080ti in VR)
The quadro is for stable work, much lower speed than gaming cards.

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