Nvidia at last opens up, G-Sync will be available on Freesync monitors


Finally Nvidia is breaking. :laughing:

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Great, but does it help for Pimax in any case?

Here’s current Nvidia’s list of G-Sync compatible monitors:

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Pimax 5K, 8K Does the presync work?

Awesome news.
Yes, headsets should have adaptive sync similar to free/g sync.
Though low fps is low fps, adaptive sync helps just that much, not a miracle cure.

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The good news is freesync has no licencing royalties.

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Just shows the corporate market crap Nvidia throws at their user base. Nothing like a proprietary solution which costs on top of what is already out there and is inferior to the open free standard.

Goto milk them $$$

WTG Nvidia. BTW freesync now working with my 1070MaxQ and Samsung 4K monitor.


Why amd is actually the better company.

Compared to Intel and Nvidia, AMD’s business practices do seem much more favourable to computing and the general public. Pity there aren’t more and also why I support Pimax as they also seem to be quite supportive of open standards, customers and developing VR technology further.

Not like some who bring out a product and then sit on it for years milking it when the product clearly needs development. :grinning:

Why I have not bothered with VR till now. Been there with 3DFX, shutter glasses, stereo glasses etc but only now do I feel VR is worth investing in. Ah, imagine Mech Warrior in VR LOL

Instead I am in rapture with Il2 BoX and VR. It is awesome.

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Amd in truth in the days of the 486 cpu along with a few other cpu compatiable companies were of the first to move cache onto the cpu resulting in fastet chips. Along with at the time cpu multiplier stock was only x2. If mem serves I think Intel 486 top was x2 with 66mhz. Where as Amd had ones upto x4 at 100mhz. :heart_eyes: