Nvidia 4090 possibly 3×Faster than 3090?


It will probably cost you a kidney, one arm and one leg.


Or your soul!!! Xdxd


Good luck getting one.


Take this with a huge boulder of salt: I’ve heard rumors of up to $3500 US and power usage of ~650 W, requiring at least a 1200W power supply.


…and I recall that each time a new generation releases there is some kind of benchmark seemingly promising some extraordinary increase in performance. And it typically ends up being a 20-30% increase in true game performance.

But above all the question of availability is the core question here - a card I cannot purchase at it‘s (already quite outragous) MSRP anyhow doesn‘t warrant any longer discussion.

I personally will not buy from any scalper, I will rather sit here with my 2080Ti and wait in that case. The money saved can be invested into other longer term value propositions, e.g. great hardware accessoires like Yaw2, SimRacing- or SimFlight gear, etc…


Getting to a point where we will be able to buy a decent enough car to race on a local track. Pretty silly if doing in real life gets cheaper than in VR.


Yeh i believe it when i see it reviewed.


Yep 3x performance “un-bloody likely”

a 3090 is only 1.2x faster than a 1080


Say what??? Maybe you’ve found a benchmark for which that’s true. But in general gaming benchmark, the 3090 performs 2-3 times better than a 1080

Either way, like said before, I dont believe the difference with the 4 series will be THAT big. I’m expecting about 80%-100% faster. Which would probably make me emtpy my pockets, but I’d also feel raped.


forget this DLSS optimized Gaming benchmarks for comparison. When it comes to raw graphics performance, @drowhunter is right. Especally for VR.


Just the first page of benchmarks I found, Tomshardware, one test without raytracing and DLSS is Red Dead redemption 2 on 4k, the 3090 performs 300% better than the 1080.


@Djonko All I see daily is that my Titan RTX has round 3% more performance in VR games than a 3080. According to all the benchmarks on the web, it should be 40% weaker. (1 to 1 testet with an identical System)
@Lucivr has compared the 3090 with the TiRex. Ask him the result.

But ok, this are for watercooled OCed Systems, not stock.

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Depending on what you play and at what res, the range seems to be 1.2x to over 3x on this series RTX 3090 vs GTX 1080 Benchmark – 65 Tests - YouTube

It’s not that it wouldn’t be a nice jump but whether the price can be justified by the user. For my part the 1 or 2 titles that i would like to have perform better aren’t native VR and I won’t through money at putting lipstick on a pig. Or a beta.

MSFS is a good example of the latter. It amuses me how many have tossed money at this complex sim. It was unplayable on a my 1080ti when it launched and now plays well enough to enjoy. I am inclined not to throw a lot of money at hardware to run something still in development until i see what the final requirements will be.


Lower end would be about 1.2 but if you look at it like that, then the highest I’ve seen should be the upper end, about 4x better than 1080. So 1.2-4x range. That sounds about right indeed. But usually games seem to fall in the 2-3x range.

Anyway, my VR peformance went very notable up when I went from 1080 to 2080TI and again when I upgraded that to 3090. I’d say indeed about 2-3x better than 1080. Never benchmarked myself but that’s indeed how it feels, seems about right.


The cost of the addiction. They keep making it stronger.

There have been studies showing if they didn’t try to get the pc gamers to quit completely, but just get them down to minimal self-abuse, a lot showed signs they could function out-doors. Some even held part-time jobs :grinning:



so more like almost 2x as fast as a 1080 which is expected because thats a 2 generation leap across two different weight classes of GPU.

Generation to Generation

you would have to compare a 1080 to a 2080

a RTX Titan to a 3090.


I’d say at best a 4090 would perform 40% higher and thats being hopeful . You’re probably looking a 30-40% increase.


hi dstar. before the price for graphics cards exploded, it was feasible to get a Titan RTX for 800 to 1200 euros. The RTX 3090 with the same vram was already twice as expensive and offers only 20% more gaming performance. Using graphics cards with little vram in high resolutions is not optimal. A 4090 is certainly four times faster than the 3090, at mining not gaming. That’s another story.


This is why benchmarks aren’t qualitative they are quantitative.

Your upgrade path went across 2 generations and up 2 Weight Classes. (80 ->80Ti ->90 series)

Even jumping from a 1080 to 1080Ti was a significant step up(I was jealous of MRTV for 2 years)

which in the past, would be the same as going from a Ti to a Titan.

The OP is expecting 2 generation performance across classes in one generation at the same class level. Doubtful. (Of course I hope I’m wrong)


Even if they could make 3x or 50x faster, they wouldn’t…they rather want to milk your money with a 50% better than the best out there.