Nvidia 30xx Series VR Benchmarks Discussion

Just thought I’d make this topic to discuss VR benchmarks for 3000 series.

One day we will know VR has truly made it , when a new GPU launches and all of the tech reviewers include VR benchmarks in the suite of tests.

For now they don’t care about us and we have to wait until real VR enthusiasts get their hands on these cards , @SweViver @mixedrealityTV @VoodooDE I wonder if they are getting them.



i get my 3090 and 8kx on monday next week. stay tuned


I will wait with bated breath.


Found some benchmarks for elite dangerous & iRacing


I just had a moment of pure anger. It was only brief (maybe 10 seconds) related to my earlier comment.

see this video?

How the F is it possible that we are getting obsurd 8K gaming benchmarks from GN which he admits are horseshite , ( i mean they wasted legitimate hours benchmarking this) before he would even consider benchmarking VR?


Come on , its been 4 years surely im sure even the amount of Pimaxes in the wild outnumber the amount of people who will ever actually care about or own an 8k monitor or headset. What a joke.

VR is a thing, and there are millions of VR gamers who care about new video cards too i think we actually are the only people who actually need these new cards.

If it weren’t for VR i would no lie, still be using my gtx 1080 that card can acceptably run any pancake game.

If they would even open their eyes they would realize this and that there is a legit use case for a card of that power besides workstations.

Someone get GamersNexus an 8KX please.


This is not a benchmark… fps doesn’t tell us anything.

No info on resolution or frametimes. He should run this with fpsVR at a minimum.

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Some more benchmarks

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added some more links to the OP

Those tests clearly show the 3080 is a massive upgrade for VR over a 2080ti and you get much more improvement out of it than you do with pancake games.


i wonder if 2080Ti -> 3080 is worth while though.

I think either 3090 or wait for a 3080Ti 20GB for better Price/Performance.

well part 2 of the article is what i’m waiting for

We will follow up this review next with a Star Wars Squadron VR performance review before we benchmark the RTX 3090 versus the RTX 3080 as we plan to add it to our VR benching suite. For that review, we will focus on Super Resolution at the most demanding settings to see if the 24GB of vRAM that NVIDIA’s flagship card is equipped with will give us any significant advantage in VR that may justify its $1500 price tag over the $699 RTX 3080. We will recommend the Ampere RTX 3080 just by using brute force alone as giving a better VR experience than the Turing RTX 2080 Ti.


not really. The 3090 offers around 20% more power in VR than the 2080ti OC.
I saw a VR score yesterday with a medium overclocked Titan, which was just 8-9% below the 3090.
The 3080 isn’t really the upgrade.

I guess you didn’t watch the video.

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could you post a link here pls?

I’ve seen so many videos now that I can’t remember which one you mean.
but i know all of these videos only use standard 2080ti for comparison.
A 2080ti has an OC potential of up to 28%, the Titan without Powerlimit also, the 3080 only 5%.
the Titan OC are 10% faster then a 3080.

we have the first real VR bench comparisons here. They say more than the press.

The video that drow and I were posting about. This one:

It’s about MORE than frame rate. It’s about how many frames are synthesized and sometimes fail to render.


One thing i noticed is that the games that are either pancake ports or poorly optimized games seem to see the largest benefit from the 3080.

They go from dropping frames all over the place to smooth.

Hellblade, Elite Dangerous, Fallout saw great benefits.


This is the best thing, compared with a 2080ti Founders.
A Card with a 250w!!! Powerlimit and a crappy coolerdesign.
Make a compare with a watercooled 380w Ti, and you will see, without DLSS, it is a joke. Take a look to doom, the 2080ti are faster

No link, private conversion

I have both cards. My 2080ti has a considerable overclock and in VR my 3080 outperforms it big time.


Well, Well Well…look who has a secret 3080 in his possession. Where are those sweet in depth @sweviver benchmarks hmm?

You holding out anything else from us… maybe a 3090 ?