Nvidea scalper mess

I really hope gamers will be patient enough to ignore the scalpers on Ebay.
I’d rather stick with my old 1080 than give a penny’s profit to one of those jerks. They’re lower than whale poop.
I think I’ll see what AMD has to offer in October. If big navi can get close to the 3080 in performance while using less power so I can keep my 600 watt power supply, I’d call that a win. A 3080 plus new psu may wind up being several hundred dollars more than the AMD gpu.

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wanna buy a 3080? I have one here for $2000.


:grin: Lol. Ha! Good one.

I know that to the stores it doesn’t matter if they sell to a bot or a gamer, the money is the same. But the gamers might find another place to shop next time.

I would not buy such a cheap card, but if you have one for $5000 we can talk!


there is a company in Germany that has been sellingthe RTX Titan for almost twice the price for a long time. (4170euro) With success. :joy::rofl:

Do you interest?

I didn’t know much about scalpers & bots. For me the below short video was educational. They talk about some possible solutions but also people using bots to annoy other users of bots - which made me smile :grin:


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