Now that we have some Valve Index details, any update on the status of the Pimax controllers?

The Index / Knuckles controllers look great, but I’m hoping the Pimax ones are at least as good, if not better :slight_smile:

  1. Are they finalised or near to completion? Any approximate date for a release eg May / June / July?

  2. Compatibility - will they broadly follow the same design, or be significantly different (if you can say)? If different, I’m wondering whether they will need dedicated SteamVR remapping, or in-game support. Would be ideal if something designed for the Index controller will just work with the Pimax ones, as in-game support will be less widespread for Pimax.

  3. Any update on the new straps and facepads? I have made a workable hybrid of two facepads, basic strap + additional headstrap, and counterweight, but like many others an official solution asap would be much appreciated.

@PimaxUSA anything you can share is appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:


Pimax predicts 3rd quarter release so most like 4th quarter or later. Depressing I know, which is why I will most likely get the Valve knuckles on release.


Right OK, fair enough. I think I remember Kevin saying on an MRTV interview that the release would be fairly closely tied to the release of the Knuckles. But perhaps not then :slight_smile:

Edit: after all, if we can get the Index controllers and LH v2.0s from Valve in the next couple of months, there’s less incentive to wait until the end of the year for the Pimax ones…

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I think acquiring @PimaxUSA for the NA operations was a solid choice and yet as much as he’s trying to put a positive spin on delivery timelines Pimax is well known for constantly falling way short of those. Their time has otherwise been sidelined by preorders, RMA’s, and the design/building of yes even more (ruggedized) versions of the headset with the basic tools MIA to having a full VR experience that has left backers/preorder to wait with a crippled VR experience or order 3rd party accessories (base station/controllers). I paid for the full package and I am still most likely going to get the Valve controllers on release, not because I’m convinced that they’re better…no, but because I am fed up with waiting…so now resigned to spending even more money for the experience that I’m used to (Rift CV1). I also picked up months ago 1 Vive basestation and at least have decent 6DOF tracking but using just an Xbox controller with limited game support is just bullocks. Waiting now for Valve knuckles details on Pimax compatibility/features before jumping on preorder train. They look great and hope when Pimax finally does deliver their controllers that they are as good.


Yeah we def need better controllers, vive wands are ruining the experience.


Yup, I get calluses from Vive wands just playing beat saber. But speaking of Pimax controllers, based on what I’ve seen so far, I don’t think they are as close to production as they making it out to be. It looks so obvious that it’s Oculus Touch controllers with a sensor ring on the pummel.

My concern is (just by judging the images on Pimax shop) that Pimax, while copying the Oculus shape missed the fact that Oculus uses camera tracking from the headset, while their controllers should use LH tracking from completely opposite direction.

Having the all-around-the-wrist tracking rings facing the user does not make any sense, as they will be most of the time blocked by the user’s body. Considering this, I would not expect Pimax controllers any time soon.


Kevin said they have been constantly re-iterated and look totally different since they were last shown off in public, so yes who knows what design they follow now. I guess the problem might be that they have to work with both LHs AND inside-out tracking - if they intend to sell an add-on module for that in future.

I just can’t play room games with Lenovo WMR controllers any more, seated is fine but they’re a disaster for standing. One or the other keeps disappearing for long periods of time - maybe it’s my BT but I have a decent new dongle I bought for the job. I’m on the verge of buying a new PC so should be able to test that out adequately in future.

So for now, Pimax for me means seated games, or standing with an Xbox controller (which is way, way better for me than Lenovo and WMR controllers)

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I am still waiting for news too, hoping to buy Valve Knuckles and LH 2.0 asap.
I just sold my Odyssey+ to get HTC Wands + LH and the ergonomy on those is terrible. I really miss the joysticks now.

Any idea if Pimax is still planning 2 versions, joysticks or touchpads? i chose touch back then but now i feel like joysticks are way better. or a mix of both like knuckles…

With LH 2.0 is it possible to have more than 2? So when i get the LH from Pimax will they be compatible with the 2 from Valve i plan to get?

Totally agree, What gets me is that they ask for a $300 deposit for the lighthouse, controller package without saying how much the “total” cost will be. What if they ask for a rediculous price and they are not as well built as the Vive package? Are backers just going to write off the $300?

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IIRC $300 refundable deposit. Putting down the deposit saves your spot in line but you still have the option of leaving the line and getting your money back.

After the whole kickstarter “experience” I would not recommend to anyone to preorder or “put the deposit” on anything from Pimax. Only after the product is available and thoroughly tested and reviewed I would consider buying it from some local retail.

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Yeah it has been a helluva ride so far.

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yes, this is my first and last kickstarter…and btw love the 5K+.

Not very well explained on their web site, as usual. I can do without the months of emails trying to get my money back. The forum here is full of people trying to cancel their order and being ignored, and if the build quality is like there HMD’s, That’s what I would be doing. It’s such a shame as the tech guys at Pimax are brilliant but are severely let down by the management and production quality. Regretting putting a grand down on a HMD that will start cracking within a month.

actually got my controller preorder refund very quickly.