"Now Playing" window in SteamVR


The only “real” game, besides demos and videos, that I have played for more that 10 minutes in VR is Subnautica, for a dozen hours atm.

Rather often, when for example I move from below water onto the surface, or when approaching an area with lots of stuff and wildlife to spawn, instead of the game, the headset is showing me a Steam box with “Now Playing” as title. Sometimes it has the game logo inside, the same that I see when the game starts loading.

Sometimes the box has no game logo but only moving white vertical lines. In this case, it’s as if the headset loses its connection to the game. I see the game in a window on the monitor and it reacts to tracking, but the Pimax will show the “Now playing” box with white vertical lines indefinitely.

Out of curiosity, I’d like to know the cause of this. It looks like a spike of lag, Subnautica is still in Early Access, so performance issues are to be expected. But maybe it’s just my GTX 970 that is too weak?
Maybe the current Pimax drivers?

Usually, without VR, the game just slows down but keeps on going. In SteamVR, it’s like the connection to the headset is lost, even though it performs proper rendering and head tracking in a window on my monitor.

Hi Neo, it needs high requirement from video card when Subnautica is running, especially in complicated scenes.

Please update to Piplay beta version1.2.34 which has some optimization for games.

OK, I agree that my GTX 970 is not the bestest of the best,Where on my monitor I’d get a few seconds at 0.2 FPS then everything will go back to normal, on the Pimax I get the “Now playing” window, with possibly a total disconnect. It’s like the headset is unable to show low FPSes on principle. Is it a Steam problem, or maybe a Pimax problem that can be solved?

I don’t know if these disconnects happen with the Oculus or the Vive, I was so disgusted by the low resolution on the Rift that I send it back very quickly :).

As a followup and to close the discussion, it appears that this happens to people on the Oculus and Vive as well, and it seems to be a problem with Subnautica. We’ll see if the 23/02 patch will change things.

Subnautica is by far the best game for vr that i can play for hours as well. I also get the now playing window. also the vr position in the subs and prawn suit is 2 far back since using the higher resolution in pimax.

Isn’t it, ahem, funny in a devilish way, to read people with the Rift or Vive complain that the PDA text is barely readable, while it is nearly crystal clear on the Pimax?

Got vr working in subnautica again went. Open steam vr and go to settings/developer tick the box for enable always-on reprojection.