Now for something different. ACG does a VR video

Rare to see the mainstream game media cover VR.

It’s funny so much talk about the future of VR and it’s obvious he wants more FOV and yet no mention of Pimax. Such a shame considering Pimax has one of the most exciting products for VR hitting next year.


either he finds PIMAX ridiculous and disgusting thus ignoring, or he has no clue.
An interesting aspect is the price point he finds valuable. Exactly the point I started with my P4, so I agree with him, one need urgently low price AR headsets, solely VR no longer sufficient.

I listen that guy, and it seems I am doing it all wrong :rofl: I enjoy vr gaming more then anything else. No cable or vr dizziness can make me love it less. And a few hours in vr, no problem my friend :grinning:
I do understand that vr is not for everybody, but it is a crown of gaming, nothing else matters if you enjoy it. Just give me those millions of pixels into my eyes, and leave me alone :slight_smile:


You are one lucky one of 1.000 or even 10.000. Yes you are not alone, but it´s a low number of people who can afford such enthusiast level headsets AND enjoy it. Others, even if they can afford it, have eye strain, nausea, motion sickness, get dizzy due to the technical restrictions of those headsets.
So, I really would like to see the 12K with better IPD adjustment, prescription solution etc. This would be a game changer and allow a lot of additional people to enjoy those millions of pixels.
This guy has a limited personal view on those tech devices. (Which is true for me as well, by the way) But this guy dares to judge despite he could have had informed himself much better. But he didn´t. For me, he is disgusting.

Woah, that got dark real quick.


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