[Nov 2, 2018] 5k+ & 8k

Final Thoughts First

  • Overal Winner 5k+! While I myself prefer the 8k’s superior less SDE, the 5k+ is overal better more usage vs the 8k.

  • The 5k+ uses a traditional grid pattern. The pixel blocks stack vertically & horizontaly. Fonts will render better due to sub pixel rendering. This makes letters crisp & sharp.

  • The native Resolution also maintains sharpness & is better for graphic design & editing.

However with the 5k+ you are More apt to notice the SDE as the pixels visibly appear as approx up to 2x the size of the 8k.

Larger White Fonts show pixel patterns on both headsets. The 5k+ letters look like horizontal lines stacked forming letters.

  • FEATURES: 7.5 (Due to software features not complete & lack of pass through camera)
  • Comfort: 8 (The cloth headstrap is a step above older cloth mount in comfort; but it’s still not as nice as newer head mount systems)
  • Display: 8
  • Lenses: 8
  • FoV: 8.5 (Based on reports on Xtal & StarVR One. Pimax has nice FoV & options but due to lenses with Distortion on Large mode. & in theory if StarVR One FoV true it would be 10 based on reviews)
  • Clarity: 9
  • SDE: 8 (Vive Pro 7, 8k 9, 4k 10)
  • Content: 8.5
  • Value: 8.5

Final Score: 8.2/10


8k Review

  • The 8k is just like the 5k is a phenomenal headset. The 8k has a softer picture due to upscaling & diagonal pixel structure. Due to it’s higher resolutuon has noticeably less SDE than the 5k+ but not as good as the p4k model.

  • Fonts are still quite readable but softer on the outer edge due to pixel arrangement (improving Subpixel rendering may improve this if possible) & the upscaling. Large white fonts will also have a light speckled look.

  • The 8k due to it’s lessened SDE makes it great fir movies & gaming. However the less sharpness not as good for Desktop monitor replacement & being upscaled not great for graphic design/editing.

  • FEATURES: 7.0 (Due to not being good for Desktop monitor replacement vs the 5k+)

  • Comfort: 8

  • Display: 7.5 (Diagonal Pixels & not full RGB like 5k+)

  • Lenses: 8

  • FoV: 8.5

  • Clarity: 8

  • SDE: 9

  • Content: 8.5

  • Value: 8

Final Score: 8.05/10


AMD Vega 64 - Vegas.

As I mentioned to the community I would get some test results. A friend of mine whom Builds www.extreme-pc.ca (Tell Him Heliosurge sent you). Gave us an opportunity to test on 2 Vega 64 setups.

1 fully liquid cooled Threadripper & Vega 64 (LQ).
The other system was an i7 8700k with Vega 64.

Atm AMD is working on driver compatability issues with Pimax. Atm though the current driver is broken with studders/judders & ghosting.

Vega Users Please be patient as AMD has had concerns of this & is working on getting the driver debugged & functioning fully.

As with @mixedrealityTV said & a few 8k users here can attest. The performance on both headsets is about equal.

To that end evaluate what your per uses are & choose appropiately. If your thinking desktop monitor replacement then choose 5k+. If your not & really hate SDE then choose the 8k, just understand the letters have a slight haze on the edges. The 8k is nicer for movies.


Thanks for your impressions! Maybe you could add brightness and blacklevel, so the 8k could score again :smiley:


One little question… the 8k has superior details, the diference is important?
I use vr for iracing mainly


Thanks for the great review with comparable scores out 10 . So when you are playing a game that doesn’t involve reading text the difference in clarity isn’t very noticeable but the difference in the SDE is ?

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Good review Helio, you should make pics comparison beetween 4K, 8K and 5K+. It woud be nice to see the grid patterns difference. I wonder if the 8K panel is a better upgrade from the 4K. Anyway thanks Bro. I keep waiting for my 8K.



It’s not so much superior details. Just more filled in. In Racing in my experience details up close are usually key. As you can use the mirrors or mini map to verify position.

In an aerial fighting/racing long distance detail might give some advantage on the 8k.

But general car racing either would be great. & let’s be honest in racing the scene often moves quickly unless your pitting.

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I would agree. Without text to read both have similar clarity. Screen door effect can be more noticed on the 5k+ at times. But more in games where one might be stationary. Looking at a texture, ie walls. But with moving scenes or backgrounds SDE on either will not likely be noticed.



Thank you for the reviews, and the comparative 5k+ vs 8k :thumbsup:

(for the 8k final score, 7+8+7.5+8+8.5+8+9+8.5+8 = 72.5 / 9 = 8.05 )

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The difficulty in producing those kinds of pics are quite daunting to create any of real value. And take quite sometime to get something that feels right. That & we have more than enough through the lense shots.

For which is best for the p4k user us difficult to say. Like I said if your wanting Desktop Monitor replacement the 5k+ would serve better.

But regardless of choice one will likely be very happy with choice made. Both are excellent headsets. Just the 5k+ has a more broader range of uses. Where as the 8k is more special purpose for those who want “virtually” no sde & better video watching experience.


Cool will correct.20 chars

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After analyzing, I decided to transfer your study with both headsets to one message, for convenience and correct understanding :slight_smile:

Here is what you told us:

  1. 8K of details is not more, but more filling with pixels (as far as I understood, but for some reason this is especially imperceptible in the photo through the lens).

  2. In auto / air simulators you can get some advantage on 8K in details.

  3. 5K + SDE is noticeably larger sometimes (in motionless games on flat surfaces, walls, textures, etc.)

  4. In a dynamic game, SDE is unlikely to be noticeable on both headsets.

  5. If you do not read the texts, then both headsets have similar clarity.

  6. 5K + is more suitable for replacing a monitor, for a VR desktop.

  7. Both helmets are excellent headsets.
    – 5k + has a wider range of applications (desktop and texts).
    – 8k for those who want practically without sde and better video viewing, simulators. (texts will be worse read)

It is right?

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More or less accurate. Smaller text will have better readability vs 8k.

Now in Alien Isolation you can read the text on monitors in game. If War Robots VR if you look Right & down the Warning label can be read easily on both.

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Excellent thank you!

And I have a small question.
SDE On the horizon in car simulators interfere in the eyes of 5K +, and at 8K it is imperceptible? Or is the SDE invisible on the horizon?
It is very important to know this in order to choose: is there a difference between 8K and 5K + in SDE on the horizon (at a distance) in car simulators?

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I am not sure to be honest. As I said it’s more in unmoving image where sde is more noticeable.

We do have a few here that are simmers whom could weigh in better. I myself atm in terms of car racing vr only have Distance, RaceRoom, Dirt Rally & Vector 36 (flight skimmer).

I think you’d need/want folks to weigh in with Project Cars & Arsetto type titles.

War Robots has a lot of non moving background & unless you stop to look at something the 5k+ gives a good experience as far as SDE.

If you want to be a god & fly like superman Megaton Rainfall is awesome.


I like these type of reviews. Thanks


When the sde score of 8k is less than 4k, I save my money to buy it.

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The SDE of my 4k is far better than on my odyssey. And still my 4k collects dust. Because it is a piece of sh*t headset for gaming (no hardware IPD setting, severy ghosting and blurrying if you move your head). I am pretty certain that you will be very happy with the overall experience of the 8k compared to your 4k.
Certainly i will :joy:


Ok, I understand that the comparison is really hard, even if you have both headsets.
Maybe then I’ll just throw a coin :grin:

For all the pictures through the lens, I still want to stick with 5K +.
I like the 5K + characteristics better: higher clarity, 91hz, lack of upscaling, better readability, SDE is noticeable only on smooth walls, textures and better than VivePro / Odyssey.

If 8K had a standard RGB pixel pattern, then there was no problem of choice.
I do not understand why such strange screens were set in 8K, that it does not get much better than 5K +.
Clarity and SDE p8K should be similar to p4K. But everything turned out differently for some reason.
Okay, I hope, I’ll think of something, until my turn in the selection (29xx) came up :ok_hand:

But you really helped in the selection, in any case. Useful research.