Note to people not getting answers from support - you can stop pulling your hair

This is a heads up to people not hearing back from Pimax after replying to a support email asking for more information. There’s a reason, and when you understand what’s happening you’ll see that they’re not ignoring you - I thought that too for quite a while.

So this is what happened to me. I received my 5K+ in early February with three defects (scuffed panel or lens, flickering dots, intermittent short blackouts). I filed a support ticket and thought, OK, this shouldn’t take long to resolve. I received an email acknowledging my filing the ticket with support saying “We’re on it.”.

A day or so later, another message telling me that my Pimax had shipped. Hmm, I guess this was a reasonable misunderstanding about the reason for my ticket - it was a time when everyone was asking if their HMD had shipped and I had filed the SUPEN ticket under the category “Kickstarter order issue”. I sent a quick PM to @anon74848233 to intervene and mentioned the real reason for the ticket. He stepped in and I then received an email from @Alan.sun asking for some videos to show the issues.

OK, I thought, we’re getting somewhere. On Feb 19th, I replied to his email (Alan Sun which had a reply-to header of (this last address is where my first email went to because when I just hit reply in GMail, that’s the address that is filled in.

Another week passed and nothing. On Feb 25th, I sent another reply to Alan now to the email address attached to his name,, after having noticed the two addresses in his first email and thinking the reason he didn’t reply was due to using the one in the reply-to header.

By Mar 4th, with no further word from Pimax support, my patience was wearing thin. Another PM to Dallas to please intervene and move things along. He nicely did that, and I received another email from Alan saying “hi, please tell me all your problems here,i replied you before,but didn’t receive any response.”.

I replied to his email again, telling him that I thought the email address I had used had caused him to miss my initial reply and I helpfully (so I thought) mentioned that I had sent it on Feb 19th, and I included my previous message in this new one.

Silence again. Jeez, I thought. What’s happening here! These guys have the most disrespectful support I could imagine. They’re just outright ignoring my issue. I read through the forums and saw many other people in the same boat. What a bunch of good-for-nothings!

With my fuse at its end, I PM’d Dallas and mentioned where I thought the confusion had come in (i.e. the email addresses being used). @Sean.Huang stepped into the PM thread and told me to check SUPEN-1886 (my ticket). OK, sure, I thought everything regarding this ticket was in the emails that had been exchanged between Alan and myself.

With a last burst of exasperation, I searched around the forum and found the section Have issue after received headset. There I posted a question asking where exactly I should be looking and finally Sean gave me a link to the place where issues are tracked, and likely the only place being monitored by Pimax support - the JIRA issue tracker.

My problem all along was the assumption that the emails I was receiving could be replied to with the expectation that the information I provided would get back to support. It doesn’t work that way. When a comment is added to a JIRA case, an email goes out, but it’s not intended to be replied to.

SUGGESTION @anon74848233 @PimaxUSA @Sean.Huang - make it very, very clear that JIRA is the place to add information to a SUPEN ticket and not that email is a one-way thing. Potentially, change the setup around the emails being sent by JIRA so that they include a link back into the JIRA system or that the answer to an emails coming from JIRA can get back into the issue tracker as a comment.

Not following the above recommendation will lead to maximum frustration, shaking fists at Pimax’s “incompetency”, swearing and all kinds of other unneeded stress.

Cheers Pimax - I know you didn’t intend the to cause grief and I know that I could’ve been sharper about all of this, but I’m getting old here. Anyhow, now that I’ve got things straight, I hope that a resolution to my ticket can happen soon.


Yes this was identified & it was suggested to modify the support notification mail to tell folks y
To log into the support desk & not reply to email. This was not done resulting in the unnessary frustration you experienced.

Others on the otherhand had a regular back n forth conversation in pm to have suddenly a complete stop in Dallas responding to the conversation. This is ruining pimax creditibility.


The support may work for you but did not work for others, you can search this forum. The most recent example here ( You were just lucky.


Is there anybody from Pimax still reading here in the forum where people are asking for help?

I just raised an request at and found this:
“Need help with your Kickstarter orders? Email us at

Guess what? I sent a mail to three weeks ago and I am still waiting for an answer.

Nothing’s happened so far, so I can’t say it worked for me. At least I know where I need to address Pimax, though.
BTW, looks like the issue in the thread you linked has been resolved.


No, it was just replied by someone claiming it would be resolved. There is a huge difference between what Pimax says (claims/promises) and what it does, but as a backer, you should know…

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My SUPEN-2697 was just closed with this comment:

"We have two colleagues solving order requests received in and, which are Pimax official service channels for handling issues in Preorders or raised by Kickstarters.

Please send your requests to abovementioned email accounts and we will resolve issues you have encountered timely and efficiently.
Our Service Desk is working on issues which require technical support and this ticket will be closed latter."

Timely and efficiently??? I am waiting for an answer since three weeks now.

Is this the cultural barrier or just chinese humor? I mean it is really funny if you do not need help from Pimax Support :grinning:


Yeah, I agree, there’s still the possibility things won’t go smoothly both for him and for me. We’ll see.

Chinese supporters are waiting for 8K, patience and deep breathing. //ㄒoㄒ//

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I get it, they might have messed up? But people are spending 800+$ on a product in which support is literally non existent unless you cause enough drama to force pimax to respond.


This is all just theory craft on the part of @asampal, no disrespect. I’ve had support tickets ignored from within the JIRA system, and back and forth email communication with . It’s difficult to make sense of things sometimes. I admire your optimism that everything is just a big misunderstanding.

They’ve finally sent me a replacement headset after over two months, and my experience was pretty bad. I had tickets unanswered for weeks as well as direct emails to employees, not anything to do with the emails from support desk.

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