Not getting Emails(Notifications or NEW signup verifications)

So, my friend has been trying to create an account for over a week now.
he tried his Gmail and outlook.

Said he was not getting the verification email sent so he can login.

Well, just today i decided to test with my alt email for gmail.
and even i am not getting them.

Makes me wonder if others are not getting them and they want to use this forum too.
(could be why i can’t get any notification from here as well sent to my email)

i wanted to bring this to your attention @PimaxQuorra and @Heliosurge



Could you please PM the Gmail to us? I’ll help him to verify the account.

Aside, gonna check with the forum’s backend.


wanted to give you guys heads up, that there could be others trying to register on this forum and they cant.

as they’re not getting the emails to verify their account.



Tell those you know of to try to login. I will manually activate them. It won’t fix the emailing issue. Pimax will need to look into there mailservers.

If your in contact with folks send me a list of there user names here in dm. I activated 5 or 6 accounts.

Okay, will let him know now.

Yea, i was like maybe tomorrow you will get it.
nope… i said try gmail instead of outlook…nope…

then i was like…hmmm let me try on my alt email…nothing…

okay, i have to let them know this issue.



Very much appreciated. Hopefully pimax gets it fixed up soon.

Post his @username and I will double check to be sure I have activated that account.

he messaged me saying he logged in

its @Ben10dom1


Thank you! I have bumped his user up by 2 for his convenience .