Normal_FOV Vs. Normal_120Hz_FOV

This is how Normal FOV looks like on all the models;

And this is how Normal FOV, on 120Hz mode, looks like on the 5K+;

I personally prefer the one on the 120Hz mode. It’s more like if you were wearing a medieval, space, super hero or racing helmet, and it’s much easier to trick my brain, it helps to increase the immersion, and you can see more.

Whereas on the “Normal Normal FOV” I’m always aware that I’m wearing a VR Headset.

If others think like me, I think Pimax should change the shape of the Normal FOV for the 120Hz one, for all the models, including the new ones.

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The different shapes are what they are - different. But the scale isn’t right. Fixed the comparison to look more like reality, hope you don’t mind :wink:

Normal FOV
Normal 120Hz FOV
Index FOV (90Hz/120Hz)


You are right, thanks for the fix.
Alhtough when I’m in normal FOV and I change it to Large FOV without restarting this is what happens;

And I don’t see any significant hit on the performance. I guess it’s only a mask to make it more comfortable. If so, the shape could be changed for the 120Hz one, while keeping the scale.


Your scale also does not look accurate.

The Index has about 108 degrees of HFOV.
The Pimax in 120hz Normal has about 132 degrees of HFOV.
The Pimax in 90hz Normal has about 140 degrees of HFOV.

Another way of thinking about this is if you consider Pimax 90hz Normal as 100%. Pimax 120hz Normal is about 94% while the Index is only about 77% of the Pimax 90hz Normal FOV.

Your Images however have the Pimax 120 Normal at only 80% and the Index at 78%.


Sorry this kind of sounds like, I personally like this so change it for everybody. I disagree.

(EDIT it just struck midnight on new years and i’m on a Pimax forum so that explains my bad attitude…:sleepy:)


Why aren’t you at least playing a game in VR? That’s what I was doing, until I took a break. I’ll share a (virtual) drink (of good champagne) to the new year :clinking_glasses: and a toast: May your new year be better than the last! :slight_smile:

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You right off to a VR chat New Years celebration with wide slightly squared fov!

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You’re right I must redo the 120Hz Pimax one then


No worries :slight_smile: As I stated in the first post;
“If others think like me, I think Pimax should change the shape of the Normal FOV for the 120Hz one, for all the models, including the new ones.”

for some reason smart smoothing @ 120Hz I was getting double image, does anyone else have that issue?


I don’t. I only get double vision in 120hz if I don’t select Parallel Projection in games that need it.


I do, with 120hz, PP, SmartSmoothing and anything above 1 on Pitool quality. It’s not double image exactly, it’s a weird effect in the center


That happened to me in stormland