Noob question about fov and resolution

This has probably been asked and answered before, but i didnt know how to search correctly to find the answer to this question.

so assuing the 5K resolution is spread across a fov of 170 degree in the large fov, what happens when i change to a smaller fov? does the picture get cut and we loose part of the 5k resolution? basically will the smaller fov have less resolution?

or will the smaller fov display the full resolution of 5k?

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the borders will just be black and you loose resolution in the width


You can see it in action here.


Yes you will have a lower resolution with the smaller fov. The smaller fovs have black filling the missing area.

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Thanks for answering guys!

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That’s why the smaller FOV’s are less taxing on the pimax when changed. If the large FOV will never be usable, it would have been nice to issue panels at 150FOV but same res for even more pixel density though with no 170 degree option haha


You’re right, but most people don’t seem to mind. I’d guess they’d have gotten a lot of pushback if only normal FOV was available now.
While the difference between 150 and 170 is supposedly not very noticable, full FOV has also more distortion.

If they had lenses made that were tailored for that lower FOV, you wouldn’t have a resolution dropoff.

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Same resolution smaller fov. It does not change the ppi.

I’m saying the rendered screen will have a lower resolution with the remaining resolution filled in black.

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I like Large setting best, Normal just gets rid of some outer edges for the distortion haters but Large is what this headset is all about

Really? From what everyone is saying is that it will have a lower res /ppi

I dont believe it streaches the image only reduces the fov. Places black boarders on the sides so it dont need to render that part of the image.

ppi stays the same but one advantage is that you can crank up ss because less resources are needed to renderer a smaller image.