Nolo controllers on Pimax 8K(X)

I just dug out my Nolo CV1 that I had backed and put to use with my OSVR HDK2. No I understand the Artisan comes with Nolo Support, but how about the 8K HMDs? Is it possible to use the conttrollers without the head marker and if so, how?

In theory it should be @SweViver can likely help. I believe you need to use A nolo driver that might come with a Pitool version. But am not sure.

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I can confirm that the Nolo CV1 is compatible with the Pimax 8K and 8KX, but the head marker is necessary to make it work.

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What a pity, I hoped otherwise. If @SweViver can’t confirm otherwise, they will need to go.

I missed the Head tracker part. Yes indeed you need the head marker.

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