No News Is Bad News

Really hoping this Artisan becomes a thing, but I have a feeling the index being in stock is going to happen first. shame.


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Index has fast screen, but limited FOV. It also can’t be updated like Artisan. I’d say neither is massively better than the other and customers will pick what they prefer. Both headsets have their selling points.

You either go faster screen and limited FOV (Index) or Wider FOV, higher resolution and upgradable (Artisan).

Take on board when reading spec below, Artisan is the base Pimax model in the range and Index is Valve’s only model, Artisan looks pretty good!

Artisan: $948 in Valve base stations/controllers.
Index: $999 inc Valve base stations/controllers.

Artisan: FOV 170
Index: FOV 130

Artisan: 72, 90,120Hz
Index: 80, 90, 120, 144Hz

Artisan: 1700 x 1440 per eye
Index: 1440 x 1600 per eye

Artisan: Support 2020 Hand Tracking Module.
Index: No

Artisan: Support 2020 Eye Tracking Module.
Index: No


Hello Caillell,

Artisan is coming out real soon, as we are forced to slow down the production on it, but we still managed to manufacture small quantity. You can check the @Navi_8K 's reply. He did well in the comparison of both headsets.


you forgot to mention that artisan requires a separate purchase of MAS or DAS and this is another 120-200 dollars, plus the comfort of the VR kit 50 dollars and a silicone case so that on the first day it would not split another 27 dollars LOL. index has it all out of the box, and it has the best build and the best materials, and most importantly, all games will be supported at the official level because it is the leader. Pimax opted for a weird competition strategy with only dry digits of a slightly larger FOV and nothing more to provide. @PimaxQuorra


@PimaxQuorra. Do you have any idea of when the Artisan would appear on Amazon US for order?

Hello Caillell,

We are planning to set Artisan online by March, so you have to wait for another weeks.


Thank you very much. I am very eagerly awaiting reviews of the latest units.

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In English that would normally translate to read “for another week” or “for weeks”. The word “another” calling for the singular rather than the plural.
So pardon if ask did you mean to say " you have to wait for another week" or " you have to wait for multiple week(s)?
Respectfully. :smile:

And I think to be honest… Index price are tax included…Pimax net tax…

Artisan should be sold with MAS with P4K headphones…for to be real competitive with Index

But anyway I think I’ll order an Artisan :grin:

Also on Amazon EU with comfort kit?

I’m not trying to dissuade anyone from buying pimax, I try to be objective. if no one talks about flaws then pimax will have no incentive to be better.


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