No Mans Sky - VR Version

So, I have recently been playing this game (after latest patch) and kinda like it. There is hope that it will get some VR love one day too as it suits it quite well.

Anybody else playing it?


I ahven’t played since release. It wasn’t as bad as people made it back then. I am sure it is worth playing with this huge patch. Personally I am waiting in hope of VR support. With VR support this would be a must have in my opinion.

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Jup, only interested in a VR version

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I bought it the other day in the sale and absolutely love it :smiley:

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If anybody is interested, here are some tips I found that really help getting started. Note I am a noob at the moment too so forgive me if this is common knowledge.

  1. You can catapult forwards by running then pressing melee hit (Q) then thruster straight away. If you get it right you shoot horizontally forwards covering long distances.

  2. Get the (S) versions of the visor scanner modules right from the start (450 nano ish) so that all things you scan create vastly much more money.

  3. Visit every station you can for a exosuit upgrade inside the left most shop on the left side when you visit a station. Also, when you upgrade to a new slot, use the “Cargo” section of the Exosuit to keep your important stuff.

  4. Make sure you upload each scanned discovery for free nano (P key)

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I’m with you, i’d probably give it a go if there was VR support. I just can’t play many games non-VR now. With the exception of stuff that needs fine mouse control like Starcraft or They are Billions. I just wish Star Citizen would sort itself out :frowning: Wishful thinking I know, haha.


Yeah, that’s become the real joke of the gaming world :frowning:

I need to pop back in soonish, as I recently has my broadband upped to 80mb from 20. It will be interesting to see if that will improve anything in game for me.

80MB Broadband works well with GeForce Now game streaming (I posted a link in general about it). If you have graphic issues then try the beta, its free and NMS is part of it so any issues you have that are PC related could be solved that way. One good side effect is the game doesn’t pause if it loses focus when streaming it.

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Some useful links for NMS

Recipe list:

Terminal Access Codes:

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Good one. I also bought it. Fantastic.

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