No Mans Sky VR releases August 14

I read the reviews and all reviews so far say it’s great and even a game changer in VR. I just bought it to see what it’s all about.

Anyone else plan for NMS VR?


I bought it as soon as the VR part was announced. Haven’t installed it yet.

Waiting till after the “Beyond” (VR) release… :wink:

Never played it before… :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s hard not to be a bit hyped after reading a post like this:


Yeah I think I will buy it . Has anyone played it on just a monitor ?


There’s already like 6 or 7 reviews on it that are up for the upcoming vr version - all super positive. Might be quite an awesome experience in vr. When I get back to the USA from Shanghai I’m definitely going to give it a shot.


Bought it when it launched in 2016. At the beginning it was a boring buggy game but it developed over the time. Now it´s worth it…

I heard that the update will come in 3 steps… so it could be that VR will not be ready on the 14th?!?


I played at the beginning. Was not even close to as good as advertised. But still what you got was fun if you could look past that.
The updates over the last few years have taken what was a pretty cool start and made it basically into what was advertised, and a genuinely great game.

The upcoming update will add full VR support which in itself is amazing.
It will also apparently be adding another dimension to its multiplayer (where you can find other players roaming the universe).
But they have said this update also has a third big section, which has still not been detailed. So fingers crossed for something awesome there too.

Also it should be mentioned there was pretty good mod support for the first while (havent checked recently). There were some pretty good ones too.


Could be, but the trailer does show both Playstation VR and SteamVR on the “14th of August” page:

Ref.:No Man's Sky: Beyond - Official Release Date Trailer - YouTube

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From what i’ve heard its not that it comes in 3 steps. It has 3 big parts to the update. 1. being VR support. 2. being an upgraded online component 3. still being a mystery.
They have said that previously, and along with the advertising as shown above, VR is coming on the 14th.

Im just hoping the 3rd part is something cool.

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i bought it on the Steam summer sale purely for the upcoming release of the VR in Beyond update. I started it on monitor… just to see what it was like, but have had less than a hour in game. so it will all be new to me. I am a avid Elite Dangerous player with over 2.5k hours, so space games in vr are my thing :slight_smile:


yup, last year after the latest update me and the wife fell in love with it. We play coop.

i have logged over 100 hours in it, its so relaxing. I havent even gotten far enough to get a dune buggy or 70% of the content they recently added so I have alot left to do and discover in VR yet😊

for once my inability to play games in my steam library paid off!


Of course. What would really knock it out of the park for me is if it adds either HOTAS support or at least makes bindings available for throttle to be bound.
oh and I hope the update the way the space ships feel and control. Right now its not really 1:1 joystick movement, it’s like not really giving you full ship control . I’ve had to use mods to get the ship to allow low flight and hovering at 0 throttle and yaw control without automatic roll.

Oh gosh, you just reminded me. Low flight mod, that was great. Then combining it with ‘bigger things’ so trees and stuff on planets were massive and you could fly throught the tops of the forests. That was fun even if it did make my GPU want to commit seppuku.
If i can have both of those mods plus VR ill be ecstatic.

Yeah going to pick it up. Since it suppoets non-vr hopefully it will support Gamepad as well.

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I can tell you 100% that it currently supports gamepad (thats what i used a lot of the time).
So i would assume gamepad will still work even in VR mode.

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I hope so. But The Forest removed Gamepad I believe…

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i luve spacegames also, bought a key today and found the game immersive right from the start, very promising for VR i think. I wish the Mass Effect developers would consider VR too.


No man sky next was amazing it fixed so many problems. It still fun till this day. Cant wait for the VR version.


If anyone hasnt picked this up pre vr update yet, there is a good deal on no mans sky at greenmangaming

57% off with an extra discount of 15% for new customers with code HELLO15 or alternatively an extra 12% for exiting customers with code SUMMER12


thanks I bought it for 19€


Yeah me too . I hope it’s a fun game . I desperately need something new to play .