No Mans Sky - survey asking users if they want VR adding

Question 8 (or 9) select VR as something you want to see in the future.


Too bad their survey is aim at current players. I have read many times people saying they can’t play non VR games anymore. The influx of new customers could well sway their considering doing it. If they do ad it I will definitely consider buying it.


Agreed, same here. How ridiculous.

They’re asking pancake players wtf. Some may have VR but I suspect anyone who invests that much time in pancake playing something like NMS probably isn’t representative of the VR community. Ask us, a huge proportion of us will say yes we’ll buy it (I will!) and then they’ll have a more meaningful answer.

I think it’s a given that the VR users out there would love to have this game in VR. What this survey allows them to see is what their current 2D players think should be added next. It’s just another metric. It shows they care about existing users.

I dont have this game but completed survey, ofcourse asked for VR support !

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