No Man's Sky - Pimax 4k - NoloVR

Hello there,
after hour and hour to parametre the nolovr with Pimax4k, i finaly played no mans sky in VR with a Pimax 4k and nolo vr controlleur
that’s cool !!

Good : the quality of screen of pimax4k is good !!
I got an issue with the controlleur, soemtime my hand get reversed
ANd the second missing the home menu on controlleur

but is totaly playable :slight_smile:

i can’t make a video because i lost so many FPS when i try to record

i got an old computer sorry.

so if someone play No mans sky with Pimax4 and nolo VR

hope see u here


I played The Solus Project to finish on the 4K, it was an excellent experience!