No KDMAS for 8kX

Recently there was an update by Pimax saying that the KDMAS will be offered as a 3rd strap option. In my understanding the KDMAS is the strap that offers the DAS-like setup where the headphones are pressed to the ears providing isolation from environmental noises.
So I wrote to support trying to change the DMAS in my upgrade order. I just got this reply:

And the final answer is that as for 8KX, it is a fixed collocation with SMAS & DMAS.
DMAS is excellent indeed and with one more Phone Out.

I don’t understand what “Phone Out” means, but the message seems to confirm that the KDMAS will be offered for 5K+, 8K and 5K XR, but not for 8kX.
It seems a strange decision to limit the options for the flagship model, now I need to decide if I want to cancel my order or if I want to spend the next few years with yet another headset with a modded DAS.
I wonder if replacing the Pimax straps with a DAS would have some negative effect on the distortions and picture quality. When I tried the 8kX in Amsterdam it had the comfort cushion attached and it felt really comfortable and stable. But if it is going to be modded with a DAS I wonder if it would offer some significant upgrades compared to the modded 5k to be worth the thousand euro.


I canceled my order, it doesn’t make sense that the most expensive model doesn’t ship with the best audio option even if the client wants to pay for it.

Added disclaimer:
I understand that in an equal situation the sound quality of the DMAS is better than the KDMAS, but it is not an equal situation as one is on-ear, the other one is off-ear. And since I was talking about my own thousand euro I was following my own priorities. But I need to say that the above statement is a personal opinion and is not trying to be the objective truth.


Wasnt the kdmas just a version with a single headphone jack?

It wouln’t make sense to keep production of this version for newer hdms when they are going forwards with 2 jack HMDs.


It has to do with hardware compatibility. My understanding is that the 8KX has a different circuit board, which is designed for high impedance speakers and the 5K+ and 8K are designed for low impedance speakers (which are cheaper). In addition the number of phono sockets differs. My 8K only has 1 socket, which is the same as the 5K+. Iirc, the 8KX is designed with 2.

I’ve ordered the DMAS for my 8KX. If I don’t like it, I’ll go back to my (separate) existing on-ear headphones, which I’ve been using with my 8K for over a year.


Well, it seems this slide is … uhmm, to say it politely, incorrect. The KDMAS will not be offered for the X even if the slide says the opposite.

The difference between the DMAS and KDMAS as far as I understand is that one is on-ear and the other one is off-ear (like the Index). For me personally, as I live in a busy urban area, the off-ear approach doesn’t work.


Yeah, I was surprised to see Pimax even offer off-the-ear headphones and was truly puzzled when the DMAS was also off-the-ear. It’s a strange choice.


I haven’t seen a single proper explanation by Pimax what the differences between the DMAS and KDMAS are. So I rely on Reddit about this and what most people seem to understand at the moment is that the difference is the headphones placement.
There was a tutorial here how to mount the DAS headphones to the SMAS of the 8kX and they obviously do work. I did myself mod my 5k to work my old DAS. Conclusion - the DAS headphones work with both 5k and 8kX. People seem to make their own theories based on the numbers of jacks, but as both DMAS and KDMAS are still in “pre-production” nobody really knows.

This is the best I could find…


So yes, there is no single proper explanation. The KDMAS just appeared and people started making theories about what is different about it.

The first comment you quote talks about cable, but is way too technical for me to understand it. As I said in my previous comment - the DAS headphones do work with both 5k and 8kX.

The second quote is about audio quality. But for my situation the on-ear setup has a priority. Any benefits of better audio quality would be canceled by the annoyance of the urban traffic invading the virtual world.

It is amazing how Pimax called the straps Modular and proceded to ignore the meaning of the word and to treat the 3 straps as independent, different models. In a “proper” modular setup you would have the base (the strap), the holder for the headphones (one on-ear and one off-ear) and the different headphones. So it would be just an easy mix-and-match solution.


There a only 2 Headphones for buyer. Smas and Dmas. The third kdms is only a Strechgoal for the Baker. The kdms should fit on all headsets, the dmas only on the vision series, because in older 8k and 5k the ampliefer will not match. To low power for a good sound. Will work, but not so nice.

So you agree with what you quote from my comment - that they are treating those 3 straps as separate, individual models instead of variations of a Modular system/strap.

What I’m talking about is the 8kX. From what you say (and from what the slide linked above says) the 3 of them should work with the 8kX. But in reality the upgrading backers and the new clients have a choice between 2 straps - both of them off-ear.

nobody has the choice to buy a kdmas. if you were a baker and reached the stretch goal, you get the Kdmas with the stretch goal box for matter what pimax you have. so it would be enough to buy an x ​​with smas and screw on the kdmas later.

If you want a Speaker on the ear as a normal customer, modify your choice of hifi capsules (Sennheiser, Beyerdyn, Sony, Akg) with a strip of plastic and 2 screws. will be better than any China speaker.

The extra Phone out is simply the Dual Headphone jacks.

You should have contacted pimaxquorra as He would have been able to help you get the Audio swapped over to KDMAS. It seems the support personnel didn’t understand your request.


You could even use the Was it Koss headphones? That another user in the forum used on the vive pro strap mod for pimax.

Not true any pre orders for the og headsets and other customers ie Artisan. Just haven’t opened up direct orders as of yet.

I think it is not too late, my refund request is from several hours ago and haven’t been processed. Can you confirm that the DMAS is off-ear and the KDMAS is on-ear?

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Ahh, ok…understand. but, u think the Artisan are part of the Vision Series with newer Amps, or not?

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The KDMAS at least from the updates is indeed on Ear headphones. I don’t think there going to bait n switch that. This late in nearing it’s release.

The Off ear MAS modules requires a stronger headphone amp to run and dual Jacks. The KDMAS was thankfully developed as the og headsets would need an additional pre amp.

However best for @PimaxQuorra to confirm no changes to Kdmas

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Hard to say. The black Artisan is definitely a no. And the “limited” blue housing version is supposed yo be just the housing. Can’t see them putting more expensive audio chips in it being a eco model.

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From SweViver… 20chars