No consistancy between phone and pc

I have a preorder number of P10xx I think I found the problem why your company cannot find address to ship to. Some individuals use their phone as I did to order While others use the PC. The problem is the phone info and the PC info do not match and when you try to go on to the PC website to edit your address it won’t let you. Your company needs to fix this ASAP so people can get their orders. When I go to the PC website and hit edit it’s simply takes me back to the same page

That’s weird, I just edited my address? (“Edit” → Change Information → “Update Address”)

Thank you @DrWilken I used your link on my PC and it went right to it however it went to the same one on my phone and not the example that they sent me that I was supposed to use. Hopefully that’ll be enough. The one thing I don’t understand is why my address was an error when it’s still the same I never needed to change it but I saved it again and hopefully they’ll make it right

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Yeah, not sure either. They really should point out WHAT is “wrong”… :slight_smile:

If all required fields are filled out (see picture below, which is from the guide they sent), I guess the only other stuff I can think of as being wrong is special characters like æ, ø, å, ä, ö and so on.

You can use substitute characters as the “local” delivery company can probably “decipher” that :smiley:

æ = ae or a
å = aa
ö = o

Good luck! :wink:

@anon74848233 could you please check and make sure my address was updated properly
Thank You