No chaperone for Oculus games still?

@SweViver It ticks me off that after all this time, to my knowledge, there’s no chaperone support when running Oculus games. This makes most roomscale action games for Oculus exclusives unplayable without risking destroying my controllers. And anytime I’ve tried Revive, the performance is horrible on my 2080TI top-end system. Is there any plan to fix this?

I want to buy another Pimax (the newest model) but this issue (along with the endless bugs in Pitool) makes me want to scrap the whole thing. I certainly can’t recommend it to others. That’s not to mention I posted about this issue in March and got 1 reply saying chaperone doesn’t work for him either.

When I contact Pimax support directly on any issue, I’m ignored, it goes into a black void. The latest was for what seems like a bad headset where the picture wobbles a little (giving nausea) and persists even when I try it on another computer and lighthouses, so my 5K+ is a paper weight. (I still have a 5K XR but I dread using it lately knowing the chance of a new issue will happen almost every time I fire it up)

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The two features I’d like to see is a chaperone within Oculus games and the option to edit controller bindings in Oculus games when run through PiTool or the new Pimax Experience app. Some of the best games are Oculus games, so it’s a shame we can’t fully enjoy some of them due to this.


At best, this will require PiTool itself to read SteamVR files, determine Chaperone boundaries, and do real-time image compositing to draw these boundaries.

Meanwhile, OpenXR is on the horizon as a path forward for new content.


Have you considered a simple solution? Like the puzzle piece foam carpet? Step off the carpet and you know your out of your safe play space. Someone prior to chaperones KS a carpet. :beers::wink::vulcan_salute::sparkles:


I use this method/solution… :+1::upside_down_face:

It’s also nice to stand on as it softer than the floor beneath it… :wink:


Does it absorb sweat badly?

I wouldn’t think so as it’s seems like it’s “closed”/dense type foam, but it’s on my floor so I wouldn’t know. I don’t sweat that badly… :grin:

Like these:


Not sure don’t believe so. But my feet don’t sweat too badly.


Eh, I guess VR can’t be the toughest use those mats are made for.


Well there used for kids playspaces and exercise environments so yeah should be good indeed. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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Unwanted luxury bathmat for me :smile: I also don’t have the room to set boundaries


What is the Pimax Experience app?

I guess I’ll try the padded floor since Pimax clearly doesn’t seem to care about customer safety or that of their customer’s equipment. I still worry I’ll be hitting the walls at times during sword fighting games like Asgard’s Wrath without a visual indicator. I already have two Vive controllers that are broken.

I don’t know what the official name of the program will be, but it’s a piece of software @SweViver is creating to launch games directly from within the Pimax.

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Pimax Experience is a VR enviroment for adjusting Pitool settings and launching titles.

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Pimax is using Steam Tracking. To implement Chaperones they need to develope there own flavor for Oculus games. If you use the carpet and have your playspace setup properly the risks are minimal.

I recall a co worker once said VR was Dangerous as you could fall down a set of stairs. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Be glad that you can play Oculus games with a headset that is not officially supported. Why everybody has to be so freaking negative all the time.

Try play oculus with Vive, Index or any other headset… oh right you cant.

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Just make sure that the foam stops well before you can reach the walls. Leave an extra 0.5-1 m gap between the end your arms and the walls (or other obstacles), once you step off the foam. Play barefoot, so you can feel the difference, even in high-action scenarios. Sprinkle Legos in the area outside of the foam, if you need a reminder. :laughing:

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Actually you can with ReVive. But revive acts as a layer between steamvr and Oculus kind of like WINE on Linux.

Pimax is not using Steamvr layer to play Oculus titles.

Just use a modern dog E-collar with boundaries. After 2 days of using it you’ll know your chaperone instinctively, trust me