No audio device?

I managed to attach the DAS to the 5k using the 3d printing parts and plugged the headphones into the jack of the Pimax, but the WIndows doesn’t seem to recognize it as an audio devise. So now I have no sound.
I don’t see any settings for this in PiTools. How do you make the headphones plugged into the HMD work?

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it should be reconized automatic…

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did it reconize it before you attached it?

windows should list it as USB audio device. no matter if you plug a headphone in or not…


No, I have never seen an audio device Pimax. And I see the list every time because I was switching to my Bluetooth headphones by hand every time before playing.

Maybe you have to select the audio source, especially if you have multiple audio outputs.

pimax is not mentioned in the name its just called “USB Audio Device”


This is the question. I don’t have Pimax “audio source”.

please be aware that some of the early backers reported very tight fitting headphone sockets… please ensure that the audio jack has been pushed all the way in until it clicks in place.

once they are plugged in properly they will appear as audio devices in windows device manager


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the audio device is listed even if no headphones are plugged in. as soon as you connect your Pimax to the PC there must be a new USB Audio device in the sound menu.

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Is it normal that the microphone is only activated when headphones are plugged into the Pimax? In seated VR I use my headphone amplifier but want to use the microphone of the Pimax at the same time.

Found it, thanks!

On my PC it is called “Speakers (3-USB Audio device)”


Great to hear!..

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Windows speaker in taskbar right cluck properties. Usb audio if i recall right.

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