NMS, Elite and SC. What is the future of Space Sims in VR?

Are there any more hopeful projects?

@mirage335 stated they are dropping support for Elite, which is sad and FDev SUCKS.

Star Citizen is going to take 20 years before Squadron releases let’s not talk about VR.

NMS is the only rat still in the rat race but there has to be something I don’t know about right?

Cockpit games and VR are a match made in VR Heaven. Can’t end like this.


The upcoming star wars game will be great


But that’s not really a sim right?

I’m excited for it but it’s more of an Eve Valkyrie game, not an explore game.


If only someone made the original Freelancer in VR :slight_smile:. The space sims games have an untapped potential for VR, you can play them while sitting in the cockpit without dealing with all the problems the “space legs” would have in VR.


But that’s exactly why I enjoy NMS, you can jump out of your ship into a mech.

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…or in Elite into an SRV buggy…

FDev really do suck because they didn’t even have the balls to be upfront with it, but the users had to conclude it from the scarce information given and then only they would admit it. Really piss-poor no matter from which angle you look at it.

But they aren’t truly interested in ED anymore for a couple of years already, so on the long run it doesn’t matter because the game is going to be left by FDev to die in the coming 3-4 years anyhow.


Tbh I wish Elite had the passion of NMS devs. Every update I see is more microtranscations and more grindsinks. Not more gameplay loops.


For me No man sky isnt playable on pimax because its way too demanding and on the index I am getting 45 fps and the game is very blurrry with txaa+fxaa. without it nms got HORRIBLE aliasing issues

I’ve played a few hours of NMS on pimax. Haven’t had any issues.

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what are your settings ? and most important what was your fps ?

I’ll check tonight, but I had left everything in default I think. Didn’t have any issue, so I never checked the fps.

default is pretty much low lol :smiley:

Here’s a few pointers:




What. Elite is dropping vr support?!

They are referring to the new fps on foot update that is coming out. The previous update versions will still have VR support the way they do now. Real shame that the devs didn’t even try implementing the on foot addition into VR also.

It’s not elegant… but I play SC in VR using VorpX, and it’s actually incredibly immersive. Headtracking works well, there’s no translational motion but it’s tough to go back to playing it in 2D after getting it set up right.

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Someone needs to reboot wing commander in VR.

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I think X rebirth VR in space is much better than NMS (and only real “alternative” to ED for piloting space ship now). NMS shines on planets though. Unfortunatelly it does not seem like VR in X series will be returning, X-series were my favourite space games so I would welcome VR coming to them again.

For exploration I prefer Space engine nowadays, they have some long term plans to make game on top of it or sell it as engine to others. That is still in distant future but can become real option one day.

Thanks for this, will go through it. Been struggling to get a solid 45FPS without making the gfx noticably bad. If I can’t and the latest patch doesn’t help I might drop to 36/72 and see if that’s OK.

To date I’ve always preferred 45/90 for everything, but I suppose with the 8KX coming it’s time to adjust anyway :+1:

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You’re welcome :wink:

Yeah… :slight_smile: I’ve gotten used to 120Hz but i think (hope) I’ll adjust quickly as I don’t really think about it when using my Quest (72Hz)… :slight_smile:

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